Things to do in Kerala

As they say god’s own country stores few of the really godliness of experiences in kitty for the travellers of all kinds – those who are first timer for Kerala or those who already have been there.

House Boats of Kerala - Things to do in Kerala

Backwaters on a surreal houseboat

Too fed up with hecticness of busy life. Not in a mood to advent onto something exciting, you just need a place Kerala offers unparalleled! Nothing ails the urban abrasions like a backwater countryside and the soothing rippling sound of the unperturbed water, the idyllic blues of seas, overgrown palm trees forming a salute to your path, while you get to hear chirping crickets, view emerald rice fields in the meanwhile you enjoy your trip out on traditional houseboats, also known as Ketuvalloms in a typical Malyalai backwater setup…how beautiful can it get?


What if that soothing stint gets another partner in crime and makes you feel out of this world with the ancient and spiritual healing system known as Ayurveda, which is in fact is one of the most aboriginal models for the world’s other different popular medicinal systems.
And mind you, Ayurveda is not just about taking pills, getting massages which is also too common alongside beaches and hotels across Kerala, it’s rather is an ailment art, a therapy that can and has resolved many ailments in past and is potentially effective for managing the dreaded urban conditions such as fatness, muscular problems, joint pains and eye-defects. A spiritual tour that can actually enlighten you and fix your real world problems for once and for all, how’s that for a holiday trip to God’s backwaters?


The 600 km long coastline scattered with some of the supreme, most charismatic beaches of the world, coconut copses, natural docks, creeks and sheltered bays, offers few of the very best experience in entire world within those secluded and virgin places to wander. Be it white sands still untouched by time or the hillocks offering the perfect romantic view point to see the assiduous tropical sun going down only to come back next day and yet remain as pristine as ever. This part of the world is certain to take you by surprise.

Hill Stations

Munnar, Wayanad, Periyar, Cardamom Hills, with line-ups of these fantastic ranges and hill stations; it certainly appears Western Ghats have been especially biased towards Kerala to present out the best at the end. As they say, best performance is best kept for the end only, Western Ghat’s most delightful dish starts here in Kerala with highest point of entire Western Ghats being in Anamudi, the mighty 2700 meter high elephant’s slope mountain, Kerala has few of the India’s finest mountainous delights which can even give the best of the adventurers a chill throughout their spines. And if waterfalls entice you, Athirappally with its massive Niagra like flow during monsoon will mesmerize you with forceful gushing water surrounding you while you mute out the worldly chores to the world you hardly want to get back to.

And host of other things which Kerala offers need to be summed up with equally delightful service providers, lest your maiden trip may turn out to be poorly organized and painstakingly boring. Having said that, my experience with ANT Travels was great as they appeared more professional than the other mighty expensive ‘veterans’ out there.

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