Things to do in Miri

Miri opens plethora of places to be visited. Therefore, read the following article in order to arm with the detailed places which are worth to be visited.


Niah caves

You will experience adrenalin rush as you visit Niah caves as it is full of adventure and exploration. As a foreigner, you might have to pay a bit extra while you go through the cave. There is a one-minute motor powered boat ride which will take your across the water (as it is infested with crocodiles). Thereafter, you will head over to the tall Borneo forest. Hence, it is advisable to accompany with the raincoat as you can save yourself in the event of rain. The sight of monkey jumping is often synonymous with the area and you will get to see the same as well. You do not want to miss the caves as they are indeed the highlights of your visit to Niah National Park. Traders cave is situated in an open ground and it is a perfect dwelling ground of bats and birds.

Mulu Caves

There are hardly any caves in the globe which can match the capabilities as well as magnificence unlike Mulu Caves. The beauty of the surrounding is indeed magnificent to say the least. There are waterfalls as well as tree top tower. There is also Winds cave as well as Langs Cave. Both of them have the credit of being the smallest of the four caves.

The Pinnacles Trail

Tourists from far and wide come to this prized place in order to ensure pinnacle  trek. There is also a river which is quite close to the camp. If you want to pass your time in the best possible way, then you can accompany with books or cards. You need to take lots of safety precautions in order to ensure the heightened degree of fun like never before.

Mulu World Heritage Area

You do not want to miss this heritage area as it houses exotic animals which will be enough towards giving you an amazing experience. There are so many things which will gather lots of  eyes like the caterpillars, Sumatran viper snake, millipedes etc. You will also be blessed to see the Ajah brook butterfly. Here you are also going to see Lang Cave, Deer Cave among others. Animals and plants cannot be overlooked in any way. There is so much to offer that you should allot at least 2-3 days towards experiencing the natural beauty which is hard to be described in mere words. Hence, your visit will surely be worth and you will promise to enjoy like never before as well. The caves are quite amazing and their beauty is not hidden from any one as well. There is also a beautiful pool outside the cave. You will also enjoy the boat ride. Therefore do not miss visiting such a prized place. Above are the best Things to do in Miri

Finally, aforesaid are the places which are worth to be visited and hence it will make your visit quite coveted like never before.

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