Things to do in Penang Island

Penang Island offers endless reasons to visit since the island gives you various sightseeing which are best to be experienced.

pinang peranakan

Pinang Peranakan Museum

Peranakan Mansion in Penang is the reflection of the enriching history of the Nonya Baba heritage. This is the mansion which belongs to the wealthy Nonya family and since then the mansion has been an epitome of great lifestyle and architecture. As you visit the place, you can be a proud witness to the exemplary architecture of the museum. It has European and Malay influence.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

You will like to catch the glimpse of the luxurious mansion of the remake of Cheong Ftt Tze’s. If the guide is a knowledgeable then the tour is going to be an enlightened one. You will enjoy the tour in the best possible manner. An experienced guide is able to give lots of laughter moments. Hence, the importance of the tour becomes even more than ever before as well. Being in Georgetown, you should not miss visiting such a prized place. The best thing about the mansion is that it is restored in the best possible way; thereby you should not miss visiting such a prized place. The visit stands out to be quite marvelous and memorable. You will defiantly like to come here again and again. If you do not visit Blue mansion of Cheonf Fatt Tze, then you are going to miss a lot and your trip will not be complete in any respect. A sneak peak into the mansion will help you realize the enormous wealth which Chinese had as they lived like emperors many years before. Hence, the mansion has a majestic look which is worth being visited once in a life time for sure. As you pay the visit, you will be arming yourself with lots of information about the Chinese minority of Penang. If you are visiting during holidays, then there will be lots of crowd as well. Hence, the place gathers never ending enthusiasm which is hard to be described in mere words.

Penang hill funicular railway

Penang Hill

This 2,750 foot hill has a funicular railway that can take you to the top. As you reach the top, you will be witnessing various places as well as sight seeing which is simply enthralling to say the least. Do accompany with your camera in order to capture some of the heightened and everlasting times of your life. Your visit will be worth every single penny since you know that you have made the right decision of visiting the place. Hence, you will be spellbound by the nice view and you will be blessed to enjoy amidst the fresh air. You can equally get food at reasonable rates and it is equally quite delicious as well. Finally, as you visit the aforesaid places, you will have all the more reasons to have a blast like never before. Therefore, do not miss visiting them as well.

Hence, above are the Things to do in Penang Island.

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