Three Activities You Can’t Miss in Scotland

Scotland is a land of velvety green grass, rolling hills, a heavy mist and legends of the Loch Ness Monster. Visiting this beautiful and historic land is an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities that originated or were perfected there.

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Golfing in Scotland

Scotland is the “Home of Golf”. The Scots first recorded the game in the 15th century and, later, they developed the game into its current state. In other places around the world, golf is considered a game only played by the rich, but it’s enjoyed among all walks of life in Scotland. There are more than 500 courses spread across all ten regions of Scotland, so wherever you are, it’s possible to find a course. They vary with ancient courses, cliff tops courses and island courses. It’s even possible to play on the “Old Course” at St. Andrews, the world’s most famous golf course.

However, if you plan to play at St. Andrews, make sure to book it several months ahead of time or you might not be able to get in. Get golf balls from GolfMotion and take a few lessons to be certain you’re ready to go.

Fishing Holidays

Both saltwater and freshwater fishing is possible in Scotland. Fisherman can catch freshwater fish such as pike, coarse, trout and salmon from the rivers and lakes scattered throughout the nation. Individuals interested in salmon fishing should try Dee, Spey, Tay or Tweed River. River Don is perfect for trout fishing and fishing for pike or coarse can be done at Lochs Lomond or Awe.

Saltwater fishing is also available. Seawater fish can be caught anywhere along Scotland’s 11,800 kilometers of coast land. Visitors and locals can catch cod and polluck from shore. Individuals who want a challenge or who want to try something a little bit more interesting can try deep water fishing by chartering a boat and increase the chances of catching whiting, coalfish, porbeagle shark and haddock.

Race Tracks

Horse lovers can enjoy races on established tracks, such as Musselburgh Racecourse, which was established in 1816, or through steeplechases complete with hurdles. The racing venues offer free admission to children under age 16 who attend with an adult. Musselburgh even has a golf course at its center. This sport is a Scottish favorite.

Other activities and events, from food to tours, can make a trip to Scotland perfect and memorable. Tailor your trip to fit your interests in the beautiful and historic, nation.


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