Tips for a Cruise for the Norwegian Fjords

The Norwegian Fjords is undoubtedly one of the top destinations when choosing a cruise. A cruise in the Fjords ranks as one of the most requested destinations by cruise passengers from all over the world. And the reason is simple, few experiences aboard a ship overwhelm rather than navigate the silent Norwegian fjords. Norway offers you an overflowing nature and unique landscapes in the world.

Norweigan Fjords - Tips for a Cruise for the Norwegian Fjords

The Norwegian Fjords were created by a succession of ice ages and had not varied much since the first human settlements. Presumably, the most beautiful spectacles in the Norwegian Fjords is the opportunity to witness seals, eagles, and whales.

Western Norway features a fabulous contrast, from solitary reefs to some of Norway’s largest cities. This part of Norway offers the opportunity of being admiring beautiful towns and cross a street and be in the wilderness.

Do you want to enjoy a fabulous cruise in the Norwegian Fjords? Check out the following tips and take out the most of this adventure.

Which Fjords cannot skip on your Cruise in the Norwegian Fjords?

Undoubtedly, Sognefjord Fjords. The Sognefjord is the second longest fjord in the world with its 204 km as well as the deepest fjord. Another fabulous Fjord you cannot skip is Naeroyfjord. The Fjord is very spectacular thanks to its cliffs and its waterfalls.

Furthermore, the fjord of Geirangerfjord must be in your Norwegian Fjord itinerary. The Geirangerfjord features an impressive waterfall. The waterfall of the seven sisters has attracted many visitors attention since the moment they disembarked. It is a great point to make excursions to the glaciers.

Fjords Traveling - Tips for a Cruise for the Norwegian Fjords

When is the right time for a Cruise in the Norweigan Fjords?

The fjord season runs from mid-May to mid-September, with the high season between June and August coinciding with the highest temperatures. The offseason (and of course with better deals) would be in early May and late September. A little colder but you will avoid crowds. If you want to enjoy the midnight sun the best time is around the summer solstice on June 21, certainly a spectacle that should be seen at least once in your lifetime.

Which are the most important ports?

Thanks to its charm, you must consider visiting the Port of Bergen. Don’t miss the chance to visit its old town and the fish market located in the harbour. Allow yourself some free time to enjoy pleasant strolls along its beautiful streets.

The rest of ports except Oslo don’t offer any attraction except the natural surroundings. Remember that Norway is not a famous country for its cities, but features incredible natural beauty.

Which Cruiser lines offer Itineraries to the Norwegian Fjords?

Thanks to its fame, mostly all the biggest companies offers Cruises to the Norwegian Fjords. Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Holland America Line, MSC Cruises, Costa Cruises, Princess Cruises. Not to mention the Norwegian company Hurtigruten, this company offers the lowest prices and a large number of itineraries.

Norway Cruiser Fjords - Tips for a Cruise for the Norwegian Fjords

Duration of a Cruise in the Norwegian Fjords:

That length of a cruise depends on you. The most common is hiring a cruise for seven days. But you also have the chance to visit the Fjords for weeks.

What to bring to a Cruise to the Norwegian Fjords?

For Norway, the technique of dressing in layers is the most practical. When confronted with natural environments, it is important to have comfortable footwear. Never forget the raincoat since even in summer the storms are frequent.

A cruise in the Norwegian Fjords is perfect for you if…

You are looking for great landscapes and an overflowing nature.

It’s not for you if…

You are looking for warm beaches or if you want to visit monuments and cities. Then we suggest you consider a Cruise in the Mediterranean or a cruise in Miami.

Certainly, the Scandinavian countries feature blooming beauty and a vast array of attractions. If you want to discover other beautiful Scandinavian location, click here and learn more about them.

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