Tips for Perfect Alaska Fishing Vacation

Whether you are an expert or a newcomer hoping to experience some thrill of the catch, preparation is always the best way to ensure an impeccable experience. There is nothing as irritating as sailing on open water only to find out you forgot an essential tool, or you are burning in the sun or shivering in the cold.

Fishing Boats Seward Alaska - Tips for Perfect Alaska Fishing Vacation

You want to put your focus on fishing, and just that. For instance, fish such Halibut beats and Feisty Salmon need a lot of energy and attention to catch. That’s just the beauty of it. The following tips will help ensure you have a great fishing expedition.

Decide the fish type you want to catch
Alaska is known for having the highest number of Salmons, but that does not mean you catch the fish any way you want. The waters host five species of salmon, but there are more than 30 other species that swim through the waters.

Some of the common fish include:
• Yellow eye Rockfish
• Ling Cod
• King Salmon
• Chum Salmon
• Pacific Halibut
• Pink Salmon
• Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon - Tips for Perfect Alaska Fishing Vacation

Before fishing, it is essential to do some research to know which kind of fish you would like to catch. Figure out if you want to catch fish for fun or food. This may help you make a good decision. Also, this will help your captain know the best places to catch fish.

Get your license ready
You need to have a permit before you fish. Therefore, take some time and ensure you have one before your Alaska fishing trip. You can quickly get your license on the internet. Furthermore, they are affordable and something that you should not miss. If you want to fish salmons, you should add the purchase of a King Salmon stamp because you don’t know when you will stumble upon one, and you surely don’t want to miss catching one.

Mind your dressing
The weather in Alaska can be quite tricky. Therefore, take into account when you are planning your fishing trip. Just ensure you prepare for anything the weather has to offer. Pack a couple of lightweight layers which are water resistant. The clothing should keep you dry and warm, and be used to peel off.

You also should carry a pair of waterproof gloves, especially if you are planning to fish when it is colder. Also, pack your footwear, carry a pair of hiking boots as well. The boots should be waterproof to keep you warm and dry. The clothes you pack should be comfortable to wear but expect your shoes to get wet, and it is no fun fishing with cold feet.

Alaska Fishing Vacation - Tips for Perfect Alaska Fishing Vacation

Sunscreen is important
Alaska experience about 20 hours of sun every day, and if you have sensitive skin, this may be dangerous for you. Therefore, do not forget to apply your sunscreen before you head out for fishing. You will not look good if you go out in the sun without applying your sunscreen to protect your skin, especially your face.

When it comes to sunglasses, carry them with you. Your eyes are equally important as your eyes to spot and catch the fish. You cannot fish well when the sun rays strike your eyes through the reflection on the water. And you will have yourself to blame if you don’t catch any fish.

Your friends will not believe you if you say you had an amazing fishing trip if you do not show them pictures. Plus, fishing is supposed to be a fun experience, so taking pictures is a good way to cherish moments.

Take pictures of you and your shipmates and boat. In your fishing escapades in Alaska, you will come across seals sunning on rocks, dolphins having fun nearby or whales swimming the Alaska waters. sIn addition, carry a zip-seal plastic bag to protect your camera. Also, you can keep your license in the bag.
Fishing is an exciting activity once you have all of the above essentials in place before your trip. Make sure your fishing tools are in order. Also, make sure you purchase the best baitcasting rods for money, you will need them when you are out the waters fishing.

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