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We have come upon on a traveling-related article according to which China is still one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The big interest about this extra ordinary and ancient country comes from its rich culture, mysterious historical range of great events and tragedy epochs, and the beautiful nature, as well. On the other side, the fast growth and progressive development of the urbanization and the modernization among most of the industrial and contemporary cities in China leave the impression that this country may change and transform all the time, but the power and the uniqueness behind it are endless and eternal.

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To China and Back is not a typical article that is devoted to all of the enthusiasts, who would like to visit the red-dragon country. General traveling guide information and significant tips may be found all around the web. However, what we would like to influence you by making you reading this article, is to value of the great abundance that China offers, when it comes to fascinating architecture masterpieces, luxury and traditional vacation homes, brilliant pieces of art in the galleries and the museums, and the integral enigmatic air that is spread in each little or big Chinese district and region. We are presenting to you an improvised route through the most gorgeous and impressing places and landmarks in China by giving the most important tip – do not go to China with any expectations and respect any extra ordinary and different thing that you see here.

The vacation rentals in China are usually built and designed in a traditional way that cannot show the uniqueness of the local lifestyle. Most of the guesthouses and hotels here are constructed and decorated in a classical style that could fit to the diverse tourist group`s tastes coming from the entire globe. So, getting in a super cool and luxury hotel is an abortive attempt to learn more about the great Chinese culture or get informed about the centuries-old history of this mysterious and charming land. Go outside and pass by the local markets, houses, and impressive natural attractions, meet the Chinese people, speak with them – thus is how you can become closer to their culture and lifestyle.

Naturally, there are classical landmarks and places in China you definitely must see and visit. The first obligatory attraction is the Great Wall of China at Beijing. Try to stay calm and peaceful here in order to feel the entire atmosphere. Few kilometers from the wall, you can enjoy the beautiful and the inspiring natural landscapes of the capital suburban. You can also take the advantage of the famous Chinese Golden Route that gives you the opportunity to observe all of these landmarks from above by flying with a special tourist plane. The show consists of professional guiding combining the historical monuments with classical cultural hot spots. You will be able to see Shanghai and most of the greatest religious temples that impress with the local specific architecture and the amazing color scheme with red and golden elements for an accent. Trying the local cuisine will make you understand that everything you have eaten in the Chinese restaurant of your home town is not a Chinese meal at all. We also recommend you to visit one of the traditional markets in China, where different kinds of goods are offered for even less money that they are offered in the cheap Chinese stores in your own country. Here, you can meet the local hospitability and kindness, as well.

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