Top 10 US Travel Destinations for 2014

The United States of America is indeed one of the best places to live. But for those who are citizens of other countries, it is a highly desired travel destination. It might have a lot of things on offer such as natural beauty, technological wonders, world class infrastructure and much more but what allures more is the fact that it is the largest economy in the world. This fact generates a lot of curiosity among people of other countries who often wish to visit and witness the kind of land America actually is and how is it different from the rest of the world. Here are the top 10 US Travel destinations that can be planned for this year.

  1. Boston

This place is known for sports and it encourages more of it every year. The 2014 marks the end of wait for the 100th US Skating Championships and this is reason enough for many to visit this place. It is would be a huge marathon with over 35,000 runners expected to take part in it. This state is also well known for having a lot of past associated with it. The revolutionary founders of America, traces of Freedom trail and much more make it special in its own way.

Gold Coast of Lake Machigan - Top 10 US Travel Destinations for 2014

  1. Gold Coast and Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is often known as the beer city in the US for obvious reasons and quite recently it has retained the tag. The famous art museum also gives a lot of exposure to budding artists to come up and showcase their creative talent at an event called “ArtPrize”. More than 1600 artists portray their masterpieces in this competition.

Just a few miles away from Grand Rapis is the Gold Coast of Lake Machigan which is again a treat to watch.

  1. Central Coast, California

Every US state has something special about it and California is no different. It is often said as a flyover country that lies between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the stretch of Pacific Ocean portrays California at its best. It is no doubt one of the best places to visit when in America. The Central Coast is different and is out of the world. The freeways, wild life, coves, etc are a few things that would always attract tourists from all parts of the world.

  1. New Jersey

Aquatic nature is always good to watch. Sitting on sea shores for hours can make one feel the best in the world. New Jersey is a place that is known for summer attractions. Although it has been hit by natural attacks but time and again it has recovered brilliantly. 2014 summer can be planned for this place and an enthralling experience is guaranteed. Moreover US has come up with ESTA visa system as well that has made the process simpler and a lot more convenient for the tourists.

  1. Las Vegas

If there is one place on Earth that is extremely hep and happening; it would be Las Vegas. Celebrations are always on in this place and it is a must visit for all those who are traveling to the US for tourism purpose. This place would make anyone go crazy and the culture and freedom followed in that place is something to be realized.

  1. Hawaii

This is a perfect example of showing the diversity of destinations that US has on offer for its tourists. The islands are amazing and provide a peaceful environment to the ones visiting there. Some experiences cannot be expressed in words and have to be felt and Hawaii is known for something like of that sort. With a mix of Asian and Hawaiin cultures, this place finds a spot in the list of top 10 US travel destinations for 2014.

Cumberland Island - Top 10 US Travel Destinations for 2014

  1. Cumberland Island

This is another exotic place that is known by many who have visited this palce earlier.  It has something magical about it with the kind of simplicity and out of the world experience it offers to its visitors. It literally takes one closest to nature and takes off all the stress about work load, home management, money etc from minds. Thus, another cool place to be; it is a must visit in 2014.

  1. Kansas

A city that contains more than 200 fountains, Kansas is another destination that is highly admired in the United States of America. It is vibrant and glamorous and is definiltey a treat for all the visitors that travel from various parts of the world to witness the cultural heritage of America. Not just this but the National Museum is another attraction in the city. This option can again be considered while planning for 2014 holidays.

  1. Yosemite National Park

This might seem the only National Park in the list but it is something that cannot be missed if in the United States. With valleys, mountains, falls and of course the green belt, this park has been preserved by the people for the people. The government has been working for its maintenance and has certainly done a lot in modernizing the National Park. This can be considered as one of the destinations to visit in California.

  1. Washington

While all the above places are different and uinque in their own way, how can one miss the capital state of the United States. Washington D.C is a must visit especially for the kind of civil infrastructure that it has. Not just this but the house of the US President i.e. the White House is also situated in this state. Apart from these, there are many others reasons enough to justify a visit here.

Thus, all these 10 destinations are now well within reach to visit; thanks to the ESTA visa system. All that is required is to collect and esta form, fill it up and submit with required documents and proofs. The rest of the process is not more than a cakewalk. With this it seems a lot of dreams are going to come true this year with more tourists visiting the United States of America.

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