Top 3 Places to Visit in Las Vegas

Everybody has probably heard of Las Vegas and knows of it for its casinos, so don’t worry about looking at those cheap flights to Las Vegas, you could come home first class.

There is more to Las Vegas than gambling though. Many people go to Las Vegas for attractions other than gambling.

Here are perhaps the top 3 places to visit in Las Vegas.

  1. The Las Vegas Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower – This casino and hotel complex has something for everybody. The building itself stands tall and dominates the Las Vegas skyline. The casino is modern with all the latest gaming machines. It has a first class show and the rooms are comfortable. The thing that stands it apart from the other casinos though is its tower and the thrill rides that are associated with it. First there is the SkyJump; this is a free fall from the 108th floor, not for the faint hearted.  Then there is Insanity the Ride, which extends 64ft past the edge of the building and at a height of 900ft from the ground. Once loaded the ride rapidly rotates and tilts to 70 degrees as it. Next comes the X-Scream at 886 ft above the ground shoots the ride 27ft over the top of the tower and then it just dangles there, with the passengers facing straight down before repeating it again. Lastly, comes the Big Shot which shoots you 160ft into the air.
  2. Mandalay Bay Shark Reef – This attraction holds over 2,000 animals in 1.6 million gallons of water. It is not every day that you get the opportunity to scuba dive with so many creatures in an enclosed space like the Shipwreck exhibit. There are Sharks, Rays, Swordfish and various schools of fish, all close at hand. The Sunken Temple exhibit allows you to see animals not usually kept in aquariums, such as a Red Tailed Catfish and a Water Monitor. Mandalay Bay also houses the rare Golden Seawater Crocodile and many other creatures that you will not be able to see anywhere else.
  3. The Adventure Dome – This amusement Park has rides to suit everybody. There are rides like Canyon Blaster, a double loop, fast roller coaster and Sling Shot that will shoot you up a tower fast enough for you to experience what it is like to encounter 4Gs of pressure. You will have the opportunity to have the unique 4D experience in theaters featuring Sponge Bob or Dora & Diego. There is a 4D ride where you experience racing down frozen cliffs in Antarctica as a Penguin, before coming face to face with a vicious Leopard Seal. Laser Blast affords you the chance to exchange laser fire with friends and family in an action packed arena. You can drive Bumper Cars or ride an out of control Pirate Ship. Family rides include a Carousel, Hot Air Balloons or a mini Himalayan experience. Other activities in the Adventure Dome include Rock climbing, bungee jumping, mini golf, bowling, video games and clown shows.

When you consider that there are also many attractions just outside the city, forget coming back first class, you may not even have time to take a gamble, so keep looking at those cheap flights to Las Vegas.

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