Top 4 Must-See Attractions in Albufeira

If the thought of going on holiday in the near future is the only thing keeping you sane for the present, then you are definitely not alone. We all need our escape from the madding crowd and the dreary day-to-day toil once in a while, and what better way to do it than going on holiday?

Praia da Oura Beach

Going on holiday allows you to recharge your batteries and spend some time with yourself, doing the things you love. This is especially true if you love going on holiday to sunny, exciting destinations like Albufeira in Portugal. This famous tourist spot has gained an ample share of fans, primarily because it boasts more than 20 beaches. If you are planning to spend time in this unique destination, there are some places that you simply shouldn’t miss.

Know how to choose good hoteis Albufeira for the holiday of a lifetime

Praia da Oura Beach
Yes, there may be plenty of beaches in Albufeira, but Oura Beach stands out for a variety of reasons. Oura Beach is an ideal spot: golden sand, a whole plethora of delightful bars and restaurants, a beautiful waterfront, and an enthusiastic crowd. What more could any traveler ask for? Even if you are the type of holiday-maker who wants some absolute peace and quiet, you shouldn’t miss spending at least a few hours on this beautiful beach soaking up the great atmosphere.

The Old Town
The old town is, as the name implies, the oldest part of Albufeira. This historic enclave provides a respite from the hot rays of the sun, where tourists can walk through the many narrow little cobblestoned streets and get a glimpse of the Albufeira of old. You can start out in Jardim Square, the Old Town’s focal point, and meander your way through the district with ease. There are also plenty of small cafes and restaurants where you can sample some authentic delicacies.

Fisherman’s Beach
Many say that Fisherman’s Beach is the ultimate beach in Albufeira. And this is hardly surprising, as Fisherman’s Beach seems to be the place where most tourists and restaurants converge. Fisherman’s Beach boasts miles of coastline, making for a leisurely stroll as you savour your free time to the utmost.

Zoo Marine
Apart from spending plenty of time at the beach, you can take a side trip to Zoo Marine in Albufeira. This attraction is particularly interesting (and useful) if you are planning to take your kids along. Zoo Marine has dolphin shows several times a day, along with a tropical bird show and a host of other creatures on display, such as alligators, turtles, sharks, and birds of prey. Aside from its marine and land animals, the park has a small fairground with a few rides, as well as a swimming pool, restaurants and cafés, and a children’s play area.

A holiday is an exciting way to get to know a new place and rejuvenate your spirit. Choose the best hoteis Albufeira and get ready for the holiday of your dreams.

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