Top 5 Beaches In Barbados!

When I think of a vacation I think of pristine beaches, bathed in sunshine, enveloped in a soft cool breeze and surrounded by lush greenery. Effectively this could be one of many lovely regions within the Caribbean, but in this case I am referring Barbados. This Caribbean piece of heaven is a land of warm waters, gentle breezes and a 60 mile sun soaked strip of soft pristine white sand.

Barbados Beach

Yet the fun part is that no two beaches are alike and each of the beaches offers visitors something new, different and exciting to experience. The west coast, offers a picture perfect romantic experience, where you can have long lazy walks next to the gently swaying waves of the Caribbean Sea. While the east coast, is an adrenalin junkies wildest dream, where the invincible Atlantic comes crashing down on the rocks spitting its surf and spray.

So let’s check out the various reasons why Barbados is calling out the beach bum in me:

Soak up the Sun – Crane Beach
Located on the south-east coast, Crane Beach is a stark contrast between the sandy slopes and the rugged terrain sprinkled with just the right amount of palm trees and refreshing fauna. If you are looking forward to a lazy vacation in luxurious settings then The Crane, a five-star resort nestled on the crane beach is just the thing for you.

Just Lie Back and Relax – Bottom Bay
Bottom Bay a secluded south-east corner of the island, just below Apple Hall, is the heavenly version of solitude. No noisy bar, hotel or tourist attractions– just you, the gentle lullaby of the waves and absolute tranquility. Although it takes some time to find this gem of a beach spot, I think that you will agree with me that it is well worth the effort.

Bite into the Local Flavor – Speightstown Beach
All Barbados beaches are public areas, even though a lot of the west coast is prime property of high-end hotels and expensive holiday homes. However, Speightstow is rightly called Barbados’s ‘second city’ and is a joyful and vibrant display of local life mixing with tourists flocking to the local beaches. The place comes alive and vibrates with the rhythm of life on weekends. So head to the party at Speightstown Beach!

Another gem set into the west coast is Brandons Beach
Brandons Beach is considered by many of the locals to be the place to go to for unrivalled views of the legendry Caribbean sunset. Possibly the best place to enjoy this uplifting spectacle is at one of the bars, especially Weisers Bar – an exceptionally popular hang-out where you can get lost in the splendors of the view mixed with deliciously heady cocktails.

Barbados Beaches

Get Swept in the Surfing – Bathsheba Beach
If your dream destination involves a heady mixture of adrenalin then you should head for Bathsheba Beach, Barbados’s wild child!

This Atlantic-lashed surfing paradise is famous for its temperamental tides and is the ideal beach for those who love to master the strong waves. Bathsheba’s mighty waves are not for the faint-hearted!

Jamie is a travel writer and blogger for UK travel specialists, and in his spare time he loves to practice his windsurfing in anticipation of his next trip to the Caribbean.

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