Top 5 Luxury Travel Places All Over The World

There are numerous 1st class places that offer exemplary services to
their clients, but if you feel like spoiling yourself, your family or your partner with affluent services at exorbitant prices then you can never run short of luxurious places to visit across the globe. Therefore, whether you are a traveler searching for unsurpassed level of quality and 1st class services during your gateway, or you are a tourist looking for best standards of excellence during your visit as well as any life hits or celebrity searching for some classified and exceptional charm in an ultimate luxurious facilities for a weekend holiday or special occasions, then there are numerous authentic and luxurious experiences in trendy places that you will be able to enjoy and experience.

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Plus as an ordinary guy, if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit such places, considering that such places are mainly classified and are dominated by the who is who in the society, then you will get to splash yourself with lots of exceptional charm, and you will no longer need your DVLA contact details since in most of these places one gets the opportunity to get chauffeured. These sites and locations ranges from extraordinary hotels, to magnificent cruise ships as well as classified Islands and beach resorts just to mention a but a few.

Some of the world renowned luxurious places across the globe include:

1.Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi:
This location costs about $ 3billion to construct, it has almost 394 rooms to 40 meeting and conference rooms, plus a white sand coastal beach as well a myriad of fountains and ponds, a magnificent spa and marbles that were imported from about 13 different countries and more than 1000 crystal chandeliers. This spot is like a little pleasure fortress that boasts of some of the most prestigious marina establishments in the Middle East. It consists of a lavish surrounding that gives the appeal of the old treasures and modern amenities that befits contemporary tycoons.

2. Mardan Palace Hotel in Turkey:
Built at a cost of about $ 1.65 billion in the year 2009 by a Russian Billionaire, to which approximately 9000 tons of its white sand was shipped all the way from Egypt. This Mardan Palace is indeed a palace that boasts of the largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean which can fit about 1000 guests at ago. This Hotel has been touted as one of the most elite luxury hotels in the European continent. It comprises of sumptuous suites as well as magnificent jaw dropping interiors of crystal, Italian marble and gold leafs. It contains numerous dining spots, bars, lavish spa and some sunken aquarium that are characterized with lots of exotic fish. In addition it offers around the clock personal butler services.

3. Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai:
This hotel was designed with some stunning looks of billowing sail in the ocean, it is a technological marvel, and has been regarded as one of the most photographed in the globe. It consists of state of the art rooms that offer luxurious suites and rooms and spanning 2 floors while providing an incredible and captivating view of the spectacular vicinity. Furthermore this structure offers unique and top class amenities and from its heliport as well as hovering tennis courts. This hotel is literally full of life, giving futuristic dinning to nightlife options. With an intensive guest care services, this hotel acts as the perfect comfort zone. At this location you will be guaranteed around the clock butlers plus you will barely need your DVLA contact numbers because, there exists chauffeur Rolls Royce fleet which are aimed at catering for its high heeled VIP clientele.

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4. Atlantis Paradise Island in Bahamas:
A tribute to the legendary lost city, this is a premier luxurious resort that offers a perfect destination to well-heeled persons. Just as its name suggest it indeed a paradise on the earth. It has 10 plush rooms that are topped by beautiful 12 ft. ceiling and full length windows. The rooms includes grand piano to twin entertainment centers with a dining room blended with a 22 karat gold chandelier as well as whirl pool tubs. The staff here is professionals to cater for you appropriately

5. Cuisine Art Golf Resort and Spa, Anguilla:
This hotel consists of luxurious guest rooms and magnificent villas that characterize the large grounds that crest Anguilla’s top class beaches. This pace is popular with a great number of world celebrities that seeks to enjoy the best of this sport and its services.

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