Top 5 Stag Weekend Destinations

You’re in charge of planning the last big outing before your best friend says “I do” and the guys suddenly find it hard to make time to hang out with him. It’s no small commitment! Some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a stag weekend destination include the size of your group (a few good friends or all the guys?), your budget, how long you want to go somewhere for, and how long you have to prepare for the trip.


Here are five destination ideas that are sure to make everyone happy, no matter what other factors you need to take into consideration.

1. Las Vegas
Las Vegas is the ultimate stag weekend destination, but for good reason. It really earns its place in the top five! Nobody has to know if you hire a stripper or three to come to the guys’ hotel room, and as long as everyone budgets a few hundred to blow at the casino, you can be entertained for days. The free sights and sounds are impressive, too. Whether you’re looking for a great steakhouse or a risqué stage show, you can find it in Las Vegas.

2. Amsterdam
The ease of organizing a stag weekend in Amsterdam should make it another easy candidate for the top five. All the men in your group will love the amenities of Amsterdam, which don’t have to (but can!) include the raunchier ones. Happy hours aplenty are offered by many smaller pubs in Amsterdam, and the infamous beer bike offers ten to twenty guys the chance to pedal around the city on a gigantic bike while drinking a keg or two, and possibly singing karaoke. Coffee shops and the red light district can spice up the party even more.

3. London

The London Eye isn’t the only view of London that can be a blast – the streets at three o’clock can be an even more interesting sight! There are enough bars, pubs, and clubs that you can find cheap drinks and a good time every night. Chess boxing alternates rounds of physical and intellectual challenge, while medieval banquets are available for those who have always dreamed of feasting (or wenches). England’s capital will welcome any partygoers year-round.

4. Ibiza
The reason this vacation hotspot is so popular with stag weekend partygoers should be obvious after just a few hours in Ibiza. You can’t beat the combination of hopping nightlife every night of the week and drop-dead stunning scenery. You can try anything from paintballing to water sports while you’re abroad. The heat means those around you will be scantily clad at all hours, and you can still find lapdances for the traditional stag experience.

5. Edinburgh
Just travelling to Scotland’s cultural mecca will be enough for the less stereotypical stag weekend party fiends, but if you want to try extreme sports, unusual foods like pigeon, or clay pigeon shooting, you’ll be all set. Edinburgh also offers single malt snobs enough entertainment for the weekend or beer drinkers their choice of pubs and clubs.

Don’t fold under the pressure of planning the last big guy getaway before the wedding. Choose one of these destinations and you’ll be halfway to an unforgettable stag weekend no matter what your budget and time constraints may be. Whatever happens at this last great hurrah, it will be worth the trouble!

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