Top 6 Must Visit Places in Turkey

If you are confused about which place to visit during your holidays, then Turkey is the most ideal holiday destination you should visit. It is considered as one of the most famous tourist destinations among millions of people who visit this magnificent place here every year. This place is surrounded by Mediterranean and Black sea and is considered as crossroads of culture and history, which attracts number of tourists, even those visitors with the most discerning tastes.

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Besides this, Turkey has number of attractions and historical legacy that attracts number of tourists round the globe. The attractions mainly include several ancient Greek cities with endless beauty beaches along the Anatolian coast, magnificent ruins and vibrant cosmopolitan city of Istanbul. On reaching Turkey, travellers will experience rich and fascinating history of this place that is evident throughout its diverse cities and awesome attractions.

To reach this place, you can book for cheap flights to Turkey. There are several flights to Turkey from various international locations. In order to book cheap flights to this attractive destination, first of all you should conduct an online survey of leading travel websites and portals to check out for discounted deals offered on air tickets. You are sure to get better deals by booking air tickets online and by visiting brick-and-mortar travel agency. Here is the list of top 6 places that you must not miss to visit when you are in Turkey:

1.       Istanbul – It is the capital of Turkey and the only city in the whole world which is built on two continents and offers an amazing history comprising of incredible views and plenty of attractive places to visit. Also, this place has lot of culture and art like ballet and opera as well as the museums and festivals and lot more.
2.       Izmir – It is at the start of a narrow gulf that witnesses many boats and sea activities. This place has number of hotels and beaches; therefore it’s no surprise that it’s the most famous holiday destination.
3.       Marmaris – It is a very popular destination in Turkey and several tourists can’t wait to return to this place. It is very popular among young couples and families. With different types of hotels to choose from and plenty of activities to do including great nightlife and water sports, you will really have a good time here.
4.       Antalya – This is a modern thriving city that has a historic centre. There are several boutique hotels and some of the impressive Ottaman mansions that are being restored, which adds more uniqueness to the city. Cars are not allowed in this place, which contributes to create a charming atmosphere here. Besides this, there is fantastic mountains scenery that offers impressive views of the coast.
5.       Alanya – It is one of the most famous holiday destinations which have several fish restaurants and great beaches. This place is very popular with both the locals and tourists. There are plenty of locations to visit in this place and you can also do some shopping from local handicraft shops and museums that are worth a visit.
6.       Bodrum – It is the world famous resort which has something to offer for every tourist. If you are visiting Turkey, then you should not miss to visit this place as it has incredible beaches, plenty of history to explore and fantastic nightlife.

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