Top 7 Reasons to Spend Your Holidays Next to Wildwood Beaches

Many people come to New Jersey everywhere for their vacation or holidays and one of the prime reasons behind the same is the beautiful beaches. Some of the most recommended beaches are Wildwood, Wildwood Crest and North Wildwood beaches as they are huge so everyone gets a little piece of it for themselves, they are very neat and clean and of course they are free. Many of the beaches in New Jersey require you to pay a small fee before you step on them, but quite a lot of them can be enjoyed for free.

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So, if you are coming to New Jersey you can book a room in a good Wildwood Crest hotel or in a hotel in North Wildwood or anywhere nearby and enjoy these lovely beaches whenever you want to.

What Distinguishes the Beaches in Wildwood?

Mentioned below are 7 reasons why should opt for beaches in Wildwood, New Jersey than other beaches out there.

  1. The beaches are huge and almost all of them stretch far on both side. You don’t really want to be in a crowd of thousands on a small beach, which doesn’t even give you enough space to breathe. The beaches on Wildwood would offer exactly the opposite. You can easily find a spot for yourself and your family on these huge white sandy family-friendly beaches.
  2. Parking your vehicle on other beaches can be a big issue. You can either park your vehicle through a parking meter or shell out $5 to $10 for a day’s parking near your favorite spot at Wildwood. Consider booking room in a beach side hotel or resort so that you don’t have to worry about aspects like parking.
  3. These beaches have sufficient lifeguard staffing spread evenly across the length of the beach. They all are equipped with sufficient first aid facilities to keep you and your family safe in case of any emergency.
  4. The beaches are extremely clean and you won’t see trashes thrown here and there. The beaches are maintained and cleaned everyday so that people like can enjoy the maximum when you are there.
  5. The restrooms are easily available on most of these Wildwood beaches. There are many beaches in New Jersey where you would have to walk a lot, climb and what not to reach arestroom. Not only are these restrooms clean and even spread they are also free to use.
  6. The boardwalk starts from the beautiful North Wildwood and goes all the way to Wildwood Crest. The beaches are filled with spots for eating, shopping and entertainment. These even have many amusement rides for people who love a bit of adventure in their holidays.
  7. The people, who come here to book a room, find it very easy to get a great room in their budget as the accommodation is quite affordable. You will also get a great variety of hotel choices so you won’t even have to compromise on quality just because you are on a budget. When it comes to ocean front accommodation, the hotels and resorts in Wildwood are the best ones in New Jersey.

So, having seen all these great reasons to enjoy the beaches in Wildwood, it’d make sense for you to find accommodation near the beach-side. And, Wildwood Crest hotel is a great choice for all the International tourists looking forward to enjoying fantastic beach view.

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Chris Peterson is a travel agency in Los Angeles and has more than 15 years of experience in travel industry. Chris enjoys traveling around the world, watching movies and reading novels. He recommends all the tourists to try out Wildwood Crest hotelthat provides a scintillating beach view. Click here to request a Reservation for a Wildwood beach hotel.

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