Top domestic airlines connecting passengers to different destinations

The booming economy and deregulation of Indian aviation industry are responsible for a great rise in domestic airlines over the past couple of years in India. Now passengers are offered with one full service government airline, three well-equipped private airlines and five low cost private carriers. Here is the list of domestic airlines fly in the sky of India with which you can make the right decision to fly in:

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1. Air India: This full-service airline from Mumbai is owned by government to serve in domestic and international destinations. The market share of Indian Airlines has been dropped by 17% significantly over past couple of years.

When it comes to the downsides, Indian Airlines witnessed over 12 fatal crashes in history. In addition, the problem of flight delay is always on its side and in-flight services of attendance are not much better. However, the well-planned schedules and routes can remove its downsides. For baggage handling, Indian Airlines is reliable surprisingly and it is connected to more destinations than any other airlines.

2. Jet Airways: The reliability and quality service made Jet Airways award-winning and most popular airline in India. This full-service privately owned airline is flying since 1993. With 18% market share, Jet Airways is connected with Pune, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. In addition, Jet Airways is also famous for punctuality and well-improved in-flight services such as baggage and food service.

3. Kingfisher Airlines: This airline was dedicated to be the “King of good times” until it experienced financial troubles in 2012 including decreased market share and unreliability on its schedules. Despite its cheap air tickets, constant delays and cancellations made it risky flight for passengers.

On its positive side, the owner of Kingfisher has given a lot of personal touches on facilities such as spacious and comfortable seating and charming and efficient flight staff with which passengers are served as guests. However, Kingfisher Red and Kingfisher Airlines are not in operation these days.

4. IndiGo Airlines: Serves basically in 30 Indian destinations, IndiGo Airlines belongs to Delhi. With the India’s largest market share of about 27%, IndiGo Airlines serves its passengers with low-cost flight tickets. Apart from being an affordable carrier, its clean and new airplanes give uncompromised customer services and they are known for punctuality, safety and great connectivity with flights. If you are looking for great low-cost flight, IndiGo Airlines is the best option for you.

5. SpiceJet: Another privately owned and decent affordable carrier, SpiceJet has a great market share of 18% with around 30 destinations in its flight coverage of 40 aircrafts. However, punctuality and comfort can be an issue sometimes but this is definitely a budget-friendly airline.

6. Go Air: In the year 2005, this private, low-cost small airline came into operation. Now, it is growing slowly with around 7% of market share. Its airplanes of bright colors fly over 20 destinations in India with three remote destinations Srinagar, Jammu and Guwahati. Go Air is also known as lowest air fares in India. In the past, the airline had experienced complaints of delays but these problems are now resolved.

These airlines are said to be the lifeline of aviation industry and air traffic system of India. These are also known for better in-flight customer services and punctuality. Most of them have maximum baggage capacity is 20 kg.

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