Top Haunted Places in Rajasthan

Rajasthan has always been known for rusty and dusty looks, the Mughalic architecture, the phenomenal interiors and dashing range of exteriors, this state is more than just a beauty enigma. If the palaces, forts and forks are famous, the ghost tales, the paranormal stories have a great stronghold in the aura of the state. Old stories, the legendary tales and dark end ancestral folks has no end and the most importantly world believes in it. Here are listed some of the popular haunted jaunts of the state which are worth visiting if you want to witness your fear –

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Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

The mighty palace and a large expanse of sand dunes make you feel skeptical when winds blowing in the atmosphere will cause a disturbing restlessness or more precisely a feeling of anxiety. The stories of missing people, the legends of cursed priest have fuel up the tourist traffic to India. Also counted as the top most haunted places in the WORLD, the booking of online Jaipur holiday packages is also dedicated to the popularity of this spooky place of the world. The Bhangarh fort also adds to thrill of the tourist who is excited to see and explore a rural setup with ghostly advices. Moreover it is the only monument of India which has its archeological department far from the location because of the believed stories and legends of ghosts.

Brij Raj Bhavan Palace in Kota, Rajasthan.

This is a more than century old palace of Rajasthan which is considered as haunted for no specific reason. It was also converted into heritage hotel which suffered a setback because of reportedly watchable ghost of Major Burton, a British servant killed in attack with Indian Sepoy. The Ghostly appearances were also said to be seen in past era by Former Maharani of Kota. Although the spirit does not harm anybody, but it hurts the guards who are sleeping and dozing while performing duty. This palace is built into several halls and structure. The central hall witnessed the killing of the Major and the two sons who still haunt the place but with no negative intention.

Kuldhara near Jaisalmer –

With unique kind of history, Kuldhara is not new in this list. The Villages near Kuldhara and including the self was vacated centuries back by Paliwal Brahmans. The story behind this place is vague and has no documental proof. As far as the ancestor says, the ruler of this place uses to behave very inhumanely with the residents and force them to pay more taxes. This made their life miserable and hence they move out from this place. The entire flock moved to other place or in other words to the region which is not reachable by the rulers. After they moved out, other families and descent tried to settle here but the spirits of Paliwals did not let that happen and hence the place remain inhabitant for ever after. This place is very close to Jaisalmer but still have no access to mobile networks, electricity or pure source of water. The lands often remain flooded round the year, with no rains reported in anytime soon.

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