Top London city iconic attractions to the tourists

London is the largest city in United Kingdom, and it has several iconic attractive places to the visitors. Such iconic places are the unique identities to the London city. Most of the tourists from various places of the world prefer to go to these iconic places in London. They are not missing these places in their holiday vacation to London. Nearly 40 million of people are visiting these London iconic attractions daily. Those iconic places are London Eye, Convent Garden, Tower Bridge, Westminster abbey, Piccadilly Circus, houses of Parliament, and st Paul’s cathedral and many more attractive places. London Eye is the major place of the skyline of the London.

London Eye view - Top London city iconic attractions to the tourists

The tourists prefer to go with this London eye trip for their greater enjoyment. The tourists will get breathtaking and mind blowing experience with this London Eye. This is most famous landmark in the London city, and it provides an unforgettable experience to the tourists. The tower of London is the next most famous attraction in London. This tower was built by the British government before 800 years. After a long time, now it is standing as the iconic and historical moment or place in London city. It is one of the most important among London iconic attractions, and it has nearly 50 million of visitors per day.

Westminster abbey and houses of parliament are situation near to each other. Both are highly historical places in London city. The visitors to one place cannot miss the chance of visiting another place. Both will have an equal number of visitors and preference in London city. Tower Bridge is located above a River Thames. This Tower Bridge is one of the most popular tourist attractive places in London. There is a combination of suspension and Bascule Bridge in London. The visitors are more interesting to visit this place in London. This bridge has two towers, which will show the entire London city. That is why most of the visitors prefer to go to this place to enjoy their holiday vacation. Piccadilly Circus is the public space of London city, and it is a road junction in the Piccadilly Street. This circus is most entertaining and enjoyable. This Piccadilly Circus is located near to the entertainment and shopping areas.

People can finish their purchase and also enjoy the circus at the same place. Convent Garden is a most beautiful and familiar place in London city. This is extremely iconic place, which has plenty of natural plants to visit. This garden is located in the central place of the London that is why most of the London tourists prefer to visit this place. This garden is available in that place from the 16th century. Generations by generation people are keeping this garden in a safe manner. Recently, the London government has changed so many things in this garden with modern and greater look. St Paul’s cathedral is another most popular place among London iconic attractions.  It is a church in England cathedral. This is most popular church, which has numerous amounts of visitors daily. This church is most famous iconic place of London city.

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