Top tourist destinations in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is known to attract large numbers of tourist from all over the world due to its unique attractive tourist sites. Actually, it is estimated that England collects a sum of almost 6 billion pounds per annum and contributes around 4.7% to the economy. The sector is also heavily supported with several hotels that provide accommodation for the tourists. The large number of hotels being found in the west and south Yorkshire and a good number of them in areas like Yorkshire Dales, Harrogate among others.

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Attractions found in the cities seats at the top of the list with the city of York being the unchallenged destination of choice.

Walled City
The walled city which the roman founded is strategically placed at the confluence of two rivers, rivers Ouse and Foss and has its skyline having medieval Gothic style York minster which has been developing over time and is rich in culture and heritage. In this unique city a number of sites that are outstanding in it include, the national railway museum, merchant adventures hall and the whip ma whop ma gate which is the smallest street.

Leeds City
The second city attraction is the Leeds city which is the largest city Yorkshire when the total number of residents is considered. The city has also its unique tourist attracting sites which include the Leeds city museum. The Henry Moore institute, the Round-hay Park among others.

The third largest city in this attractive county of Yorkshire is the Sheffield which is the third top tourist destination and has the popular Sheffield winter gardens as the unavoidable tourist site .A close competitor to the Sheffield city is the Bradford city which in residential population is the largest. This city has its national media museum being a site that experiences high numbers of visitors .This museum in the year 2008 emerged to be the third most visited tourist attracting site. For day trippers during a summer month towns like Whitby and the Scarborough come in handy. The towns, among other, are the most attractive seaside towns as they are rich in sandy beaches which attract a huge number of holiday makers.

North Yorkshire
Away from the city, other rural areas are also known to attract good numbers of tourist. Areas like North Yorkshire which have low population density despite being the largest in size has the Yorkshire Moor as an area which is rich in beauty that is natural. The national park is known to have the largest heater moorland expanses in United Kingdom. Could this be the reason the town is called Moor? If yes then that is outstanding loyalty. Various wildlife receptions are known to await the tourist of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The park has also not been disappointing in the number of tourist trooping in it to have a glimpse of the magnificent scenery as well as enjoying several recreation activities and options. This makes the rural sites are the fifth top destinations for tourists but other places that are equally attractive are also found in the county.

The esta visa not being a requirement, the Yorkshire County offers several outstanding destinations for tourists making it a place worth your touring time!!

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