Top Travel Money Tips

The world of foreign exchange might turn out to be a daunting and complicated task for most of us. As we do not have time to learn the jargon that is used by the travel money providers and research the ways to ensure the best deal, it turns out to be complicated.

There are few basic rules that you can follow to make sure you get the best deal. Listed below are some:

  • Find the cheapest travel money – Try and do not consider marketing flannel like “commission-free”, as there’s no fee, you might get an appalling rate and it would be better if you pay a fee. You can always consult a good foreign currency expert that offer great rates. Apart from this look out for a foreign currency expert that provides 0 % commission on all foreign currency and provides wide range of currencies, multi-currency prepaid-card, order in branch, through mobile phones or online.
  • Don’t pay on a credit card at Bureaux de change – Paying for currency at the UK bureau on a credit card counts as an overseas cash withdrawal. Therefore, avoid paying on a credit card at bureaux de change.
  • Get unbeatable exchange rates permanently –Paying out on plastic usually gets costlier as the banks get perfect rates, and then add a hidden 3% ‘load’ against what they charge us. So, just stick to the one that is present in your pocket.
  • Withdraw cash abroad and you pay a fee – It’s not just the credit cards that can change your balance for making use of overseas ATMs in fact; your debit card will usually do that. Then you also come across charges for the ATMs as well. Therefore, if you withdraw smaller amounts you will be on the safer side. With the credit cards, it’s likely that you will pay interest on cash withdrawals even if you clear the card in full.
  • Don’t get foreign cash from the airport – The Bureaux de change at the different airports and ferry ports are aware of the fact that you don’t have any alternative; therefore their rates needn’t be competitive. But, foreign exchange experts like eurochange will help you to offer currency at better rates.

So, try to maintain these guidelines before planning to buy travel money. Try to look out for a travel money specialist that holds professional expertise, in depth market knowledge and commitment to offer you with an unprecedented level of service by which it can set a standard in the foreign exchange industry.

Look out for a foreign exchange expert that offers you security, value along with reliability. If a foreign exchange expert provides you with this three, you can get the best of the services.

When planning to go abroad, money is the primary concern. You spend all year saving your hard earned cash so that you can enjoy a fantastic vacation. Therefore, you need to plan your vacation effectively on how you can budget each day while you are away from your home. And most importantly you need to find an effective way of keeping your travel money safe. However, there is a solution that will keep you at ease and that is travellers’ cheque.

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