Tracking Down the History of Taipei by Touring the Museums

The renowned city of Taipei has a legendary history which is examined in the cultural centers and well-preserved museums. These ethnic establishments give us a detailed study about the aboriginal habits, lifestyle, philosophies and traditions about the city. If you are an enthusiast that is waiting to know about the customs and traditions of Taipei then do march towards the museums to learn about the same.

National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum

This museum is especially established for portraying the culture and customs of ancient Taipei. This featured museum is the handpicked spot in the town where you can see hundreds to thousands of premium artifacts that had been preserved from centuries back. Other deluxe relics assembled in this museum may include the bronze articles, jade collections, iron and stone carvings, preserved statues and other tiny collections are also arranged in the display.

Miniatures Museum of Taipei

This is a weird museum where you can see everything in a miniature scale. There is a Disneyland within but you can’t go into it rather your kids. This is a mini version where small and tiny Disney characters are seen. There are miniatures of Cinderella, Snow White and Little Stout as well. Reaching this wonderful museum is pretty easy when you accommodate in the Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei. Just get into a public bus or MRT line and ask them to drop you near the museum as this would be the simplest and economically safe transportation for backpackers.

Fine Arts Museum

This museum has a fine collection of ancient artwork. Cultural paintings, impressive collection of arts and a good quantity of attractive art skills are found in this museum. Visiting this place with the kiddies is going to be an extra bonus as the fun in them after seeing this spot is shared to the adults too.

Kaidagelan Cultural Museum

This is a cultural museum with hundreds of relics placed in the clean transparent shelves. The racial lifestyle, the ethnicity of the groups that were living from centuries back, the tradition of the ancient Taiwanese people, their food habits, the shelter needs, traditional clothing habits as well as their importance and donation to the society is well explained in both English and Chinese.

Taipei Astronomical Museum

Knowing the astronomical facts and realities are always interesting. The Taipei Astronomical Museum depicts a lot about the stars, the mighty sun, the huge galaxy, the soft and smooth clouds, the blue sky, and the entire universe as a whole. Just come with the little geniuses of your home to give them a thorough knowledge about the planets and their routines. There is an IMAX theatre within the museum where you can get to know about the featured origin and happenings of the sky and its items.

Museum of Jade Art

Jade is one of the most precious stones in the universe! You can see many jade carvings showcased here. There a variety of jade stones found in different natural colors – get to know the original jade from the fake ones found in the markets by taking up a short class with the experts. This facility is found in the Jade Museum, so enroll and get benefited.

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