Travel a New Way: Five Ways to Travel you Might Not Have Considered

As time goes on, people are finding themselves unsatisfied with the traditional mode of travel. While the Great American Road Trip might be a classic, sometimes a vacation calls for more than that; sometimes a vacation needs adventure, excitement, the chance to live life in a way you might have never thought to live it before. Here are five ways of travel you may not have considered.

Amtrak Train

1. Train

Trains are still a mode of transportation, though they commonly are thought to only carry freight. However, the Eurorail system in Europe is widely used by travelers, and the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia is one of the main forms of transportation. The United States has the Amtrak system that goes all over the country. While the trips take longer (up to several days depending on starting point and destination), the mode of travel itself is an adventure. The adventure isn’t in the destination, but in the getting there. If you aren’t in a hurry to get to a specific destination, a train ride can be a fun way to travel. The seats are generally roomier than an airline seat and you can get up and move from car to car. You can even get a warm meal in the train’s dining car or catch up on sleep in a sleeper car with your own personal bed.

2. Motorcycle

The novel, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” made the idea of traveling cross-country on a motorcycle popular. Obtaining a motorcycle license is easy, and if you do not personally own a ‘hog,’ you can rent one for a relatively low cost to get you where you need to go. Traveling by motorcycle means you are exposed to all of the elements, and it gives a much more raw experience of how large the planet actually is. The size of things tends to be warped when inside of a car; being on a motorcycle remedies this. If you choose to travel by motorcycle, you’ll want to be sure you aren’t traveling too far and that the weather is nice. Riding a motorcycle can be an exciting or relaxing experience and save you a lot of money on gas.

3. Private Jet Charter

Renting a private jet or booking charter flights is cheaper than you may believe. While considerably pricier than traveling by car, it is often less than a standard plane ticket – and the seats are higher quality, too. Best done if traveling in a group, renting a private jet means you have more personalized service, less wait times, and if traveling overseas, you make it through customs much faster.

Travel a New Way

4. Bicycle

Like a motorcycle, but slower. Traveling cross-country by bicycle is gaining popularity in many places, particularly in Europe. It allows the traveler to carry everything he or she would need, including a tent, meaning that travel costs are essentially zero. While it may take a lot longer to get somewhere, it provides a very real, in the face experience of what it means to go somewhere under your own steam. And after you get there, you’ll have likely lost a few pounds, so it’s great for weight loss! This method of travel is definitely not for the faint of heart.

5. Hitchhiking

Formerly one of the most popular ways to travel, hitchhiking has dropped in popularity in recent years due to dangerous conditions. However, traveling in a group makes this safer and can lead to some fun stories to tell for years to come. If you are willing to take the risk, this can be an interesting learning experience. Just be sure to check local hitch hiking laws and ordinances before hopping into a strangers car.

If your vacations have lost a bit of their flair and you are looking to change it up a bit, consider trying one of these five modes of travel. It can make for a fantastic adventure that you won’t soon forget.

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