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Coach load Daniel O’Donnell fans “just a wake-up call they need, when they had a brick thrown them back to Petersfield. a great concert in rio - Travel for listening peterfield’s music

Irish fans singing maudlin – a sort of poor Gaelic Cliff Richard – was returning from a trip to Brighton bus ride out to pasture when he hit a brick with the header at the Causeway.

The head of Graze Travel, Travel Graham said: “A group of middle-aged thugs stood beside the road, shouting things like” It’s just a Val Doonican for the 21st Century “and” His music is very derivative! A self-claimed brick was a physical representation of the orientation of teaching religious connotations O’Donnell.

“It ‘was shocking. I am now afraid to buy even a BBC classical Music magazine, for fear of reprisals.”

“People are no longer willing to accept that such a bland excuse for entertainment should not go unchallenged This is only a trail they needed ..

classical music magazine - Travel for listening peterfield’s music

In the old days when people bother to read newspapers and magazines, if you do not like the band, who write an appeal letter and ill-informed journalist that would help to fill the letters page ‘.

“But the emergence of media companies Scrooge-like cut their publications to the bone, more blogging and social media has opened the music critic for the world – and that kind of direct action is a natural result.

“Real music fans have had to watch the talent less shit disguised as prime-time entertainment has been inundated with television and through tabloids and Britain X Factor’s Got Talent – oh the irony – and decided to take tough measures.”

It seems to fly by people with taste are not limited to Peters field. Ironically, Chris de Burgh has been thrown overboard from a cross-Channel ferry, somewhere between Portsmouth and Le Havre and the offender has been heard to shout “No need to worry about who will pay now!”

Phil Collins was recently forced to retire after the Molotov cocktail was thrown for him when someone yelled “Watch out for Phil, is becoming the Air Tonight!” – And when it crashed and burned from head Baldy, the audience a smile “Just another day in paradise.

However, sometimes this kind of criticism becomes vigilant against evil. Last week, the renowned art critic Brian Sewell threw a paint bucket on Tracey Emin Volkswagen Beetle to protest against his latest book. However, the addition of colour, and then forced to make a challenging job … and praised the beetle quickly splashed as the favorite for this year’s Turner Prize.

When I was in classical music London concerts the same kind of incident I was faced there. But I thank full to god that he saved me.

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