Travel Guide: Best Things To Do In Towson MD

Towson, MD is home to over 50,000 residents that boasts a mixed feel of a small town with a vibrant college town life. The town is just two short miles away from the bustling city of Baltimore, but it has retained its small-town charm that attracts many visitors every year. Thanks to the family-friendly atmosphere of Towson, the Towson University is a top choice for many parents and their children.

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However, before finally deciding to study in Towson it is must to take a tour around town. Here’s a list of must do and experience activities that will help visitors grasp the true essence of Towson:

A Trip To The Past
One of the biggest draws of the town is well-preserved Hampton National Historic Site. History buffs and families on an educational vacation must step inside this historic site during their visit. The Georgian mansions that date back to 1790s contain period pieces that make it seem like visitors are really stepping back through time.

The ranger-led tour of the mansion is a must as the tour will take visitors all over the 62 acres of land. Stops included in the tour are the preserved barns, gardens, cemetery, and even the slave quarters. Best of all, the historical site is open all year except on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years and admission is free!

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A Food Tour
A trip to the small town is not complete without sampling the restaurants Towson has to offer. There are cuisines from all over the world worth trying, but none of them can compare to what 7 West Bistro serves up. This is the go-to spot for Mediterranean-inspired food that will fill you for a day of touring.

Make it a point to drop by the restaurants Towson locals are proud to call their own. Learning about a small-town is best achieved by eating their local food!

Explore The County Parks
Towson is one of the counties at the top of the list for the preservation of natural lands. It is a must to get away from the concrete jungle to take a walk along the impeccably landscaped gardens located at the Towson Courthouse. No matter what time of the year you visit, there is always something in beautiful in bloom.

Next on the Baltimore County Parks tour is the Cromwell Valley Park. Visitors that want to stretch their legs or need their kids to expel some excess energy before heading back on the road must take a detour a few miles just east of Towson’s downtown area. There are hiking trails filled with nature’s bounty, a great way to cap off a visit to this small town.

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Slow Down
When you are in Towson, MD there is no need to rush. One of the biggest draws of this small town is the peace and quiet it offers visitors. Here, there is more than enough to time walk around, try different of the local Towson restaurants and just take in nature. If you are looking for a break from your fast-paced lifestyle, Towson is where you will find it.

7 West Bistro is the best restaurant in Towson. If you’re creating a shortlist of must-try restaurants Towson, make sure you drop by our place!

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