Travel Plans For The Summer: 7 Destinations That Will Blow Your Socks Off

Summer vacation is always tricky to plan. Most people want to avoid the miserable heat, or at least choose a destination that makes up for the intense weather. Whether you are looking to travel abroad or road trip across the United States, there are plenty of fun things in store.

Travel Plans - Travel Plans For The Summer: 7 Destinations That Will Blow Your Socks Off

1. Barcelona, Spain

Mediterranean Barcelona is the perfect summer retreat if you are looking for a truly unique and trendy destination. The weather is gorgeous and the summer months are accompanied by block parties and fiestas. Explore modernist architecture on foot and beat the heat by enjoying a concert at Gran Teatre del Liceu.

2. Seattle, Washington

If you are looking to explore the Pacific Northwest, summer is the best time. The rain is minimal and the sun lights up the gorgeous Puget Sound. The music scene is very much alive in the city, especially during festival season. Other great activities include kayaking and hiking. Woodland Park Zoo, the Underground Tour and whale watching are all perfect for tourists.

3. Santa Barbara, California

One of the hidden gems on California’s coast is Santa Barbara. Shop on State Street or take the trolley down to the beach – it only costs a quarter. While this is an upscale city, it is also quite laidback. The Old Spanish Days Fiesta is a must-attend event. Rent a boat, take a surfing lesson or hike in the mountains for an outdoorsy experience.

4. Orlando, Florida

Orlando is well-known for its numerous theme parks, including Disneyworld. It’s not all about the kids, however; nightlife is a major component of the city’s culture. Water parks, museums and even a zip line are great choices for visitors.

5. Vancouver, Canada

Many people do not realize that Vancouver offers the best of both city-life and the great outdoors. Explore the nearby rainforests, hike the mountains or explore the Pacific Ocean. Check out Stanley Park, walk through Chinatown and the observation tower for more fun.

6. Victoria, British Columbia

This is a great destination for your summer travels. There are beautiful beaches up and down the coastline that are all picture worthy for your albums. There are also tons of local sites to see, CVS Cruises in Victoria allow you to see everything has to offer and get the behind the scenes stories.

7. New Orleans, Louisiana

If you are willing to put up with the sweltering heat and intense humidity, NOLA is a great choice. Enjoy Cajun and Creole cuisine, explore the historic cemeteries and attend a Zydeco music festival. Day trip into the bayou for a genuine tour of the swamps!

If you can get past the crowds, heat and possibly higher travel fees, you can have a blast. Each of these destinations offers unique culture and fun you are not soon to forget.

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