Traveling In a Group? Five Ways to Ensure Everyone Stays Together

How is it possible to get every one out the door at the same time? To some, managing a large group of travelers may seem impossible, given the unpredictability of traveling. For anyone planning an adventure with a group of people, here are five tips from experienced travelers on how to ensure everyone stays together when traveling in a group:

Traveling In a Group - Traveling In a Group? Five Ways to Ensure Everyone Stays Together

Plan Every Detail

Keeping everyone together can involve even such small details as being sure everyone is packed a certain way for your trip. If you are traveling by airplane, you might get the group to agree in advance to stick to carry-on luggage. Nothing’s worse than waiting for one person’s luggage to show up on the conveyor belt while everyone else is ready to go. Communal items, including toiletries, might be purchased together and divided among the travelers.

Rent a Bus

Even if everyone drives themselves to the starting point of the trip, taking cars is not typically the best way to continue. Renting a bus is cheaper, more environmentally friendly, safer and easier than driving a number of cars around a strange city. The hired bus driver is an expert on the routes to take—a representative from National Trails Bus Rental says that drivers can provide directions, suggestions, and other info about your group’s destination. In addition to this professional assistance, it’s easy to keep everybody together when they’re all in the same vehicle.

Choose a leader.

Find someone in the group who has traveled before and is willing to coordinate the details. The leader doesn’t have to make the decisions. He or she is the one to draw everybody else together to make those decisions. A designated leader facilitates communication among the group and with outsiders. The leader keeps track of everyone’s needs.

Pair Off

Just like you did in kindergarten, have each person pick a buddy. This way, it’s much less likely that one individual will wander off without notifying anyone in the group. Each day, choose a central place and time at every stop to regroup, perhaps at a well-known landmark or restaurant for lunch. Any members of your group who may have gotten lost can easily find their way back at that point.

Be Flexible

Be prepared to make changes to your itinerary when necessary. If your seaside retreat falls on a stormy weekend, be willing to sacrifice going to the beach. Choose an alternate activity for unfortunate weather situations, such as taking in a theater matinee and dining at a cozy restaurant.

With good planning and constant communications, you can ensure that everyone stays together. Everyone’s trip will be improved if the group is kept together and the group’s leadership is clearly organized, flexible, and prepared.

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