Travelling to Vietnam, what to eat and where to start with?

To those who have always wanted to travel to Asia, Vietnam is no stranger to many choices and decisions. Not only because of its uniqueness in what we call “the God-given nature” with many interesting tourist attractions, the country is also well-known for its richness in culture, mostly in its cuisine. At one time in your life you may have heard of phở or banhmi, but what you have not known is that there is more than just phở when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. And perhaps, a few lines below will give you some ideas to think about.


First of all, chances are you will encounter lots of street food vendor while travelling around the country. You might be surprised with what these vendors offer, because it’s a whole world of choices! Fresh and ripe fruits, soft drinks… even hamburger and sandwiches are also available. You can get these snacks and dishes with a much cheaper price (even a bowl of bún-bò can be much cheaper in here than restaurant), and even get to taste the best flavor from these vendors sometimes. If you are in the mood of discovering, take your time to hit the streets, then see how far you can go with this endless discovery.

So let’s have a list of what you can try while staying in Vietnam. Think of bun thit nuong, bun bo, com tam, pho, bun rieu cua, bo la lot, banh uot/banh cuon (the steamed rice cake), banhmi (the Goddess of convenient meal, I mean it) … all that you can try either in restaurant or just a casual food store with $1 – $5 per dish, depends on where you taste it. Moreover, make sure you only take one small cup of Vietnamese drip coffee (with or without sweet condensed milk/sugar) or you will have more white nights than you should. And don’t forget to call an iced tea (a.k.a. tra da), because you always need to cool off with the hot weather in here.


Next, prepare yourself for the omnipresence of rice. As a country with tropical climate, it’s no surprise when rice plays a big part in Vietnamese cuisine – from being every family’s daily meal to snacks, or even street food.

With that said, where do we start with all these recommendations? Of course there will always be Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to begin, but with such diversity and richness, Ho Chi Minh City is more likely a common recommendation for all these dishes. Discovering is a favorite thing to do while travelling, and it’s even better when it comes to cuisine.


However, what’s even better than its diversity is that you can find a good place to taste it all over Vietnam? Think of an early morning, walking down the street and suddenly you find yourself sitting comfortably in a street vendor with a hot dish of broken rice and roasted pork ribs (call it cơm-tấm simply). Or just a hot bowl of phở with beef, because the noodles are made from rice too. Or even cheaper, a small pack of xôi (the sticky rice one, you know it) can be everything you ask for a convenient breakfast. What could be even better than that for your Vietnam tour? So, what do you think about it, and are you ready to take part in this trip?

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