Travelling With A Baby – Things You Need To Carry

A perfect holiday can be utterly ruined if you do not do enough planning when travelling with a baby. Managing a baby on a vacation trip can be quite a task in itself. Their schedule in terms of sleep pattern, eating time and, most importantly, potty moments can be extremely frustrating to adjust. However, with some smart planning, you can ensure that your trip becomes as enjoyable for the baby as it is for you.

Suitcase baby

Carry spare diapers
You never know when and how often your baby will enter into “potty zone”. When you plan your sightseeing trip for the day, you will certainly estimate the number of times you will have to change the diapers. Sometimes, even the best of estimates can go for a toss. Which is why you should keep three to four additional diapers, over and above your estimation.

What you can eat, your baby cannot
While you enjoy the best of delicacies on your trip, remember that your baby will be restricted to a fixed diet. It is highly recommended that you carry sufficient baby food on your trip, as the same may not be immediately available when your baby raises the hunger alarm.

Toys are a good attention diverter
The historical monument that you are admiring will be of significant interest to you, and your full attention to what the guide is saying is essential. However, for babies it is of no interest, as their comprehension level is not fully developed. In between your engrossing session, if your baby starts bawling, the charm of the trip will be lost. To avoid this, you must carry the baby’s favourite toys which will keep him or her busy.

Pacifiers will eliminate your baby’s “orchestra”
The immediate solution to a bawling and disturbed baby is putting a hygienic pacifier in the mouth. As if on cue, the annoying noise will abate and you can continue enjoying your trip. Do ensure that the pacifier is of the highest quality and is sterilised.

Carrying extra clothes is a good idea
You should be prepared for a disaster that is bound to happen when you are feeding your baby – the big food spill, which sometimes even a bib cannot prevent. While you can wipe out the spillage using water and a napkin, the stain on your baby’s clothes will be hard to remove. An extra pair of clothes will keep the baby looking neat and happy.

Baby rests best in a stroller
At times when carrying the baby becomes tiring, transferring the baby to a covered stroller is a good idea. It will leave you free for sightseeing and keep the baby occupied with the attached bells and whistles. A compact foldable stroller is light and easy to carry along and will also protect your baby from the sun. Ensure that you do not become so engrossed in your sightseeing that your lose hold of the stroller. Do keep on checking the baby at regular intervals

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