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How Flowers Can Survive Without You

Flight arrangements? Done. Hotel reservations? Pointed and clicked online. Dog and cat off to the boarders? Check. Cash, sunscreen, trashy novel and a smile? Yep, that too. Vacation planning and preparation may be a hassle, but once you are on a tropical beach or tucked into a mountain resort your worries are behind you. No more fighting rush hour traffic, scrambling to get a healthy dinner on the table and bickering over homework. Also faded away is vision of dealing with dirty dishes, piles of laundry and watering the plants and flowers. Wait…the plants and flowers? How is that possible? While you may return from your getaway refreshed and relaxed, your plants and flowers will more than likely be faded, dehydrated and on the brink of flowery death. Talk about a sad ending to an otherwise lovely vacation.

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However, it is possible to return home to vibrant green ferns, brilliant red roses and pristine white daffodils. The secret is in the silk. In fact, silk flowers and plants are the only way to go these days. And for those that travel regularly, even for short weekend jaunts to the mountains or beach, silk foliage is an absolute must. Just think of how much more you would enjoy your vacations if you did not have to fuss about your plants dying at home? You can walk through the door of your home, luggage in hand, and be greeted with vibrant blooms that look just as amazing as they did two days or two weeks ago.

Obviously, using silk flowers and plants is also a sound ecological choice. Because there is no need to water them, precious water resources are not unduly expended. For those that are green conscious, this is a definite plus. Also, there is not the waste of fuel and other natural resources to transport plants and flowers to your location. This option is also cheaper in the long run, as you do not need the added expense of such things as water, potting soil and plant supplements. It is simple as placing them in your home and sitting down to enjoy their beauty.

Needless to say, your silk greenery and blossoms will look vibrant, appealing and attractive for a seemingly endless period of time. For those that may suffer from allergies, the silk option is the only option. Enjoying the ambiance for fresh flowers is great, but not at the expense of wheezing and sniffling. If you thought that because of allergies that you would need to fill your home with the phony looking hard plastic flowers of your grandmother’s generation, then think again.

The production of silk flowers and plants has definitely come a long way in the past several years. The colors are more alive, the feel more natural and the overall look will befit any home d้cor. A sprinkling of these flowers throughout the home will make it welcoming and homey. Whether you are in a dorm room, studio apartment, townhouse or family home, there are several silk flower and plant options that will suit your domicile.

Worrying while on vacation is sure to ruin the experience and having to fuss over your potted plants or fresh flowers is no longer necessary. The focus can then be on relaxing, which is the whole point of a vacation. Once you opt to fill the interior and exterior of your home with the silk option, travelling will be more enjoyable. In fact, coming home may just not be so bad either!

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