Types of Limo Vehicles to Choose When Travelling

When you have a wedding, a party, an important business meeting or other big event that you need to travel to, why not arrive there in style and luxury. Limousine hire will make your dream of standing out come true. Not only will they provide luxury and comfort but they will make your travel adventure so much more memorable. Heading to Sydney, NSW?

SUV - Types of Limo Vehicles to Choose When Travelling

SUV Limousine
This is the type of limousine that you should hire for a road trip or when you have a lot of luggage to carry. The SUV limousines are spacious and luxurious enough to make your trip comfortable. They have inbuilt bars so that you can enjoy your favorite drink as you head to your destination and while at it, enjoy some entertainment. They also have entertainment systems to elevate your moods while on the go.

Stretch Limousines
This is one of the most popular type of limousines especially due to its design. It’s a stretch vehicle that is more spacious making it popular with weddings and when there are several people traveling. It has this classic look that will leave amazing impressions.

Sedan Limo
This is the most popular limousine on the road. This is small in size unlike its counterparts and more affordable to hire. Its small size makes it fit for up to 3 passengers. This is quite convenient for airport transfers and heading to a business meeting.

Sydney - Types of Limo Vehicles to Choose When Travelling

Limo Bus
This is perfect for parties especially when you do not want to rent out a place for the party. They are spacious and have a capacity of more than 35 passengers. You know that it will be convenient and luxurious.

How to Choose a Limo Type
Your personal taste plays a significant role in the limousine that you are going to hire and also the actual reason for your travel. What you like will matter a lot but then again, the number of passengers involved will also determine the type that you can hire. If there are only two or three of you, you can opt for the sedan limo but if there are like 15 of you, a stretch limo would be a great option.

A limousine is a sure way to have your overseas wedding or party in style. We recommend Sydney Limo for all your limo hire needs. When you organize an out of town party with your friends or even a road trip, you can enjoy the comfort of a luxurious limo and you do not even have to rent a place to have your drinks and entertainment.

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