UAE 2020 World Expo Dubai – An Expo to Remember

For an individual, half a century may seem like a long time, but as the United Arab Emirates approach its 50th anniversary, it’s hard to believe that it is one of the youngest countries on the earth. 2021 will mark 50 years since its conception and highlight the rapid development that occurred in just five decades. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the UAE are logistically read to host a World Exposition.

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Since 1851, World Expos have been seen as a catalyst for global change in all areas, inspiring millions of visitors who can explore exhibitions, attend cultural events and get involved with world shaping discussions. The UAE want to hold an Expo that does this bigger and better than ever before.

Two thirds of the globes population now live in just an 8-hour distance from Dubai and with 9 million visitors making the trip to the city last year alone, it’s certainly an increasingly popular business and leisure destination. Not only does Dubai have unrivalled connectivity, but with over 80,000 hotel rooms nearby, it makes the ideal place for World Expo visitors to get comfortable during their visit. Dubai hopes that a successful bid will inspired the people of UAE, and beyond – creatively, politically, philosophically and logistically – for decades to come.

The bid theme

Inspired by the community collaboration which saw the rapid development of Dubai itself, the UAE 2020 World Expo bid focuses on the power of a shared vision and commitment to global progress. Though the ideas of an individual may make a remarkable impact on the world, it is only when individuals, societies and nations work together that the biggest advancements can be made. This collaborative approach is being celebrated with the proposed theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the future’. Alongside this theme, there will be 3 subtopics up for discussion: sustainability, mobility and opportunity. The UAE 2020 World Expo bid will provide a platform on which forward-thinkers and innovators alike may share their ideas in these areas, hoping to uncover potential new roadmaps to global progression – cultural, scientific and politic.

The venue

The Dubai Trade Center – Jebel Ali has been chosen as the potential UAE World Expo venue. Located equidistant from the centres of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. With 438 hectares in total, the venue will provide plenty of space for visitors and exhibitors from across the globe. Logistically it is ideal, near to both the Al Maktoum International Airport and Jebel Ali Port.

Should the UAE 2020 World Expo Dubai bid be successful, the Dubai Trade Center will become a working monument to the importance of connectivity and the need to work together, hoping to inspire individuals and organisations who visit in generations to come.

Show your support

Find out more about the Expo 2020 Dubai on the official website, or become a supporter on Facebook or Twitter. Get involved and promote global connectivity today!

The World Exposition is the world’s most important cultural event, bringing together millions of visitors under one roof during a six month period. Visit the official UAE Dubai Expo 2020 website to show your support for the bid now and bring the world fair to the region for the first time.

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