Uncover the best attractions of the Parc Phoenix in Nice

The Phoenix Park is situated on the east side of the « Promenade des Anglais ». You can enjoy its beauty by going there. Likewise, there is a lot to see in. It is even open to everyone for all ages. As a matter of fact, this Park is about 7 hectares of land with plenty of highlights. It is home one of the biggest greenhouse all over the world. All the attractions found there are presented below that will be sure to pique your interest.

Shelduck in Phoenix Park

Visit the Lake at this park

You know, there is a lot for everyone to look at there. In point of fact, there lots of different water birds there. If you want to enjoy outdoors, this place is the best one for you. When you are there, you will probably come across different animal enclosures. You will find shiny creatures that run along the pool’s edge. You can find numerous birds. As a case in point, you can discover shelduck, mallard, Canada geese, black swans, mandarin ducks, white pelicans, and so on and so forth.

Explore the Floral Park

With a very nice layout, no one would regret going at this Park. Given the fact that it is home to one of the largest greenhouses, the park is filled with exotic orchids and species of all sorts maybe you have never seen. There are three exotic gardens at this Floral Park. The first one is the Thai garden, the second one is the Australian African garden, and the last one is the Louisiana garden. There are a variety of exotic plants. You can encounter animal as well, such as crowned cranes, owls and macaws.

Why not meander through the « Diamont vert »?

You will be impressed by this Green Diamond called « Diamont vert » in French. There is a myriad of tropical plants in this greenhouse. Also, you will see so many attractions that you never expect. By way of illustration, visitors can explore the Aquarium & Insect, the Emerald Room and the Orchid Green House. There is so much to say, so you should not miss out visiting this place. If you don’t know how to get there, you can hire a car from Nice Airport , as it takes 2.8km from there.

Overall, it may be said, there are over 2,500 different species of plants found at this Phoenix Park. There are also a large number of tropical birds, forests and butterflies you should find out. There are also many attractions nearby you can visit like the Museum of Asian Arts. Therefore, why not going there to explore all of that?

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