Vancouver as Canada’s Top Culinary Destination

For those living outside Canada’s west coast, Vancouver sounds like a fantasy land. There is sun, surf, mountains, and of course, food! In addition to being a cultural hotspot, Vancouver is Canada’s top destination for exciting culinary experiences.

Vancouver - Vancouver as Canada’s Top Culinary Destination

The west coast is known for embracing creativity and bending the rules inside the kitchen. Taking this wild-child attitude, combined with diverse cultural influences, makes for a thriving culinary scene. In the past, travel trends might have centred around history or night life but now, food is topping the charts. Popular travel sites have even begun to consider culinary trends in their recommendations to travellers. So, what is it that makes the food scene in Vancouver so great?

Vancouver is known for its earthy, laid-back and adventurous lifestyle and this culture absolutely finds its way into kitchens. Both commercial chefs, supported by Vancouver food equipment suppliers, and home cooks find new and exciting ways to blend the traditional with the trendy. This creative approach to dining has led many restaurants to success through the introduction of food fusion. Fusion cuisine has given a boost to many restaurants but none as much as Vancouver’s favourite comfort food: Japadog. Japadog takes something as common as a hot dog and updates it with Japanese-inspired additions like wasabi or croquette.

Japanese Food - Vancouver as Canada’s Top Culinary Destination

Another reason that the Vancouver culinary scene is so inviting is its commitment to sustainability. In a city where seafood is king, ocean wise options and line-caught fish are a popular option for consumers. Locally sourced meat and produce is a major selling point for both residents and tourists. With veganism and vegetarianism on the rise worldwide, it is important to offer up something for everyone. In addition to being inclusionary, plant-based meals offer socially and environmentally conscious options for diners across the city.

With such diverse communities across the Greater Vancouver Area, it is important to offer up something for everyone – and the city does just that. Residents no longer have to travel the globe to experience ethnic cuisine and don’t have to rely on salads to accommodate their plant-based lifestyle.

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