Visit Heraklion’s pride and joy

There are so many things that you can do in Heraklion, the main city on the island of Crete. Built on a fairly steep hillside, it is busy, bustling, and full of hotels, fast food outlets and traffic. It also has a huge harbor to accommodate ferries and cruise liners, and an international airport.

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Photo: macropoulos

Tourists trooped to the city to visit Heraklion’s pride and joy – the archaeological museum that contains the world/s largest comprehensive collection of artifacts from the Minoan civilization, which flourished in Crete around 1600 BC. There is also the main square of Plateia Venizelou, a pedestrian mall sporting cafes and restaurants with some fascinating shops in the surrounding streets.

Just like many Greek cities, the architecture was influenced by Venetian occupation, as seen with the Venetian fortress that dominates the harbor. As a commercial center in the island of Crete, you can see a heavy concentration of shops where you will not only see designer labels and jewelry, but other good holiday buys as well such as antiques, leather goods, folk art, olive oil, and interesting cheeses.

You can also try Cretan cuisine, other traditional Greek meze mixes, and international favorites right on the waterfront. Nightlife is spent people watching from sidewalk cafes in Liberty or Fountain Square, or going to popular venues for traditional music and dancing. Holiday flights to Heraklion is never wasted as the city offers a vast array of attractions including the world-famous museum and the nearby site of Knossos, a variety of watersports from numerous beaches and warm clear waters, opportunities for rock climbing and horseback riding, and a technopolis in the city with the biggest cinemas and open-air theater.

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