West Wing Penthouse for a Great Mountain Escapade

Going on a mountain escapade for your vacation is not for the fainthearted if you plan on including a lot of physical activities. There are just some things you simply have to go to the mountains for! And if you like to snuggle up and take in beautiful mountain scenery from inside for the duration of your holiday, that sounds good as well.


Some activities that are uniquely enjoyable in the mountains include a downhill bike race, mountain climbing, camping, and skiing or snowboarding, depending on the season. You can only experience vistas of splendid mountain views by being in them!

Make sure you are geared up for each adventure by packing light, taking a first aid kit, some water and some dry snacks. Making sure you always have a water bottle with you and that you wear comfortable shoes cannot be stressed enough. Also, use sun block and keep your camera with you at all times to takes pictures of breathtaking sites.

Aside from exhilarating mountain sports, you may also spend some quiet moments communing with nature or cuddling up with a book beside a roaring fire in a rustic fireplace or sitting beside a quiet mountain stream. The West Wing Penthouse in Colorado is a mountain villa or chalet where you can spend a romantic holiday, a break from school or office work, a business retreat, or a grand time with family and friends, which will surely make your mountain escapade a great and memorable experience.


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