What else do you need to know about desert safari Dubai?

Have you ever thought that how a barren land can be proved a place for tourist attractions and for a lot of cool and unique activities which are very famous in this modern era? I guess you must have visited a desert full of all sorts of activities, and if not then you don’t have to worry about that. You are at the correct site if you want to know about what are the activities that desert can offer.

Let me start with the first activity

Camel riding - What else do you need to know about desert safari Dubai?

Camel riding:
It is the first activity that is preferred here. As it is a kind of ride which makes you see the desert safari with a wider angle and you will suddenly realize how beautiful a desert can be. First, you will be guided that how you have to ride a camel then only you will be allowed to sit on it.

Quad Biking: The next activity is a thrilling one which is Quad biking. It is a kind of activity which rushes your hormones and the best part about this ride is that you can ride it with a high speed also.

Another one is the best experience one could have at the desert safari that is the sunsets. At the desert safari, you will be able to experience the brightness converting into darkness and the day converting into the night. It is the most beautiful view of the desert when the sun starts hiding in the sand dunes.

Overnight camping - What else do you need to know about desert safari Dubai?

Overnight camping at desert safari Dubai
The next activity is overnight camping here. Like morning and evening desert safari over-night camping is a type of activity which involves many other activities within itself. Nights are already known for peace so just imagine spending your night at an already calm place. The vibes that you will get at that time will be unexplainable.

Tanoura Dance:
There are a lot of activities that can be done here at an overnight camp here at desert safari Dubai. The first one is the Tanoura dance which is a very famous kind f dance here and people love it a lot. It’s a kind of Sufi dance basically.

Henna Art:
Another activity is the henna art, it is basically a painless procedure of decorating your hands by the henna art professionals present there.

Fireshow - What else do you need to know about desert safari Dubai?

The next activity at an overnight camp is the Fire show, which is the most lied show by people who come to desert safari. You will honestly get amazed after seeing the talent of people involved in the fire show.Lastut, not least is an amazing and palatable dinner which I am sure will be loved by you. It is a special BBQ dinner and the taste is of a very different kind.

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