What It’s Like to fly with the Magical Singapore Airline Suite Class A380

Since the beginning of its operations in 1947, Singapore has always raised its bar for first class traveling. The airline extends its networks to six continents and successfully covers all the famous worldwide destinations. The airline has always managed to rise to the occasion with its competitive crew. Who hasn’t heard of their world famous Singapore Girl? Both the male and female crew is trained vigorously over a period of 15 weeks. This can be witnessed through the extremely high grooming standards of the airlines. Singapore Airlines has upped the ante for luxury and comfort. For this very reason, it has stood out for being an award winner airline. Just recently, the airline was rewarded with ‘Best International Airlines for Business Travel’, ‘Best Customer Service, Best Airline for four consecutive years and many more!

Singapore Airlines A380

The First Class of the airline had always set a benchmark. As if this wasn’t enough, the company launched its Suites Class in 2008. In 2007, Singapore Airline was the pioneer of the world’s first A380 flight and still operates it like no other airline! The Suite Class A380 is a world of its own, a magical journey that you wouldn’t want to come to an end.

Let’s take a look at the Singapore A380 Suite Class Review.

  1. The Exceptional Cabin

It’s no more an experience of settling in an ordinary seat of a metal tube and waiting for the journey to end. The airlines have raised the bar beyond your expectation. The French Luxury Yatch designer Jean-Jacques Coste is the mastermind behind this amazing cabin. Every aspect of the cabin is oozing out with luxury. There are 12 seats assembled in 4 rows. The second and the third rows of the airline have a 1-2-1 configuration while the other ones have 1-1. The airline supports privacy, as the provision of sliding doors and windows let you choose the level of privacy you desire for. The cabin has been designed in fine leather and wood finish. Forget about the world class seats, with the Suite Class you’ve the chance to sleep through in flat bed. The middle ones can be turned into double bed to suite your comfort. This is ideal for couples for passengers willing to spend a good time together. However, they aren’t appropriate for anything wishing to look out of the window. One of the most comfortable beds, a huge TV screen in front of you and the ottoman are what makes the Suite Class so exclusive to fly with!

  1. Divine Dining

The International Culinary Panel comes up with exclusive menu for the Suite Class, offering cuisine which is truly divine. The table setting, presentation and taste of the airline stand out and leave the customer craving for more. The selection of drinks adds to a cherry in the top! With Suite Class, you’ve the chance of booking a main course of your own choice. You no longer have to forcefully eat something you won’t like!

  1. Non-Stop Entertainment

Whether you are an over occupied business traveler or traveling for the sake of leisure, the entertainment facilities of Singapore A380 will amuse you a great deal. The KrisWorld redefines the standards of entertainment. The enormous 23-inch LCD screen, the biggest in the sky, is the best way to view the limitless entertainments offered by the airline. The multi ports will keep all your gadgets charged!

Singapore Airlines Suites

Passengers who’ve traveled with the dreamlike class have given a positive Singapore A380 Suite Class Review.

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