What Makes A Hotel Family Friendly?

There are a number of indicators that will tell you right away whether a hotel is family friendly or not. Children’s clothing available in the lobby, a kids play area, and child-friendly menus. Here is a look at those and other factors to consider.

Family Vacation
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The family segment of tourism and travel is obviously a big part of the business. Some hotels are better suited to families than others. Some hotels are sincerely designed with couples with babies or children in mind. There are a number of things that you should be looking for in a family friendly hotel. Here is a look at those main requirements, such as childrens clothing in the hotel, cribs, high chairs and more.

  • Kids Play Area.Children are used to having some form of play area available. The best family friendly hotels have these areas with supervision, and some of them have more than the average swing set. You should be able to leave your children here and not feel distressed.
  • Swimming Pool.A swimming pool, specifically for kids, is another option you need to be looking for. Some of the better hotels will have play items that you can sign for. Make sure you children take care of them, or you might end up paying for a new one.
  • Clothing.Who knows when you might need some clothing for children? They seem to be able to make a mess at anytime. If a hotel lobby gift shop has swimwear and clothing for children, you know they are a family friendly hotel. Some hotels even have slippers and nightwear at children’s sizes.
  • Entertainment Arcade.I don’t know of any children who do not like electronic games. If one of these arcades is in the hotel, you know you have somewhere to keep them occupied for hours. The best have supervision so you don’t have to be playing every game with them – what a relief.
  • Child Friendly Rooms.Most hotel rooms are not very good for children. There are just too many places for them to bump and bang themselves. Child friendly rooms will have furniture that is designed with children in mind. Sharp objects and sharp corners will have stoppers to stop damage, and all sockets will be protected. The mini fridge should also contain items appropriate for children  — healthy and sugar free. Expect there to be a separate room service menu for children. A crib should also be available.
  • Adjoining Rooms. There is nothing better than having direct access to your children and also having some time away from them.
  • Optional Items. Babies need to be fed in a high chair. If there is any way you can tell if a hotel is family friendly, you can ask if the hotel’s restaurant has them available.
  • Tours. Not all tours are designed for children, and if they are you should know about it.

Family friendly hotels also need to be appropriately priced. How could they be if they were not?

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