What Really Makes a Luxury Holiday?

Not all of us can afford to go on a luxury holiday every year; we might choose to go to the Spanish Costas or a budget city break instead. But once in a while, it is ever so rewarding to pack your bags for a more sumptuous getaway. Aside from saving up enough for your trip, the other main difficulty is picking a destination! Each and every entry in a holiday brochure can read like the most amazing resort in the world, so how can you determine which places are truly luxurious? Here’s what you should check to find a real luxury holiday…

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Official star ratings

The first thing you can check is the official star rating of the resort. Some tour companies give their own grading to accommodation, which might not be the same as the official rating. That means that a five star resort may not actually be as good as it sounds, so it is worth doing your research to check that you’re paying for somewhere that is as good as it is claimed to be. You might also choose to read reviews from other customers to check what the resort is like in terms of location, food and customer service.


It is likely that a truly luxurious holiday will have an element of exclusivity tied to it. For example, there may be additional extras on offer such as bigger suites, beachside villas or Jacuzzis within hotel rooms. Standard accommodation for every guest generally means that the hotel is more focussed on the number of guests staying as opposed to the experience of each guest during their stay. Paying a bit more may result in you getting the best out of your trip if you are really craving the relaxation and privacy you deserve.

Gorgeous surroundings

Just like in the property market, great locations come at a premium. This means that hotels with their own slice of white sandy beach may well charge more than a hotel further away from the shore. You can find resorts in exclusive locations too; if there is only one hotel in an area it will probably be charging a premium for rooms. These areas are a good choice if you want to make the most of a beautiful location without having to travel there every day of your trip.

Special facilities

Another thing you can check is the facilities on offer at the resort. Some inexpensive resorts will of course offer facilities on site such as swimming pools and games rooms, but you’ll likely find improved facilities at premium resorts. This includes a choice of reputable restaurants, special bars, high quality fitness facilities, and perhaps even a golf course depending on the area. In locations such as the Maldives, you may even find that resorts offer you a special sunset cruise or diving gear.

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