What the Hotels Don’t Want You To Know About Saving

Hotels can be expensive, and it can often feel like there’s no way out when it comes to paying the high fees they charge. Though there is a way out, as in fact there are groups of people around the world, who’ve found out what can be done in order to save when it comes to booking a hotel. It therefore makes sense to take a moment, and investigate just what these people are doing, when they’re saving on their hotel bookings.

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Don’t Pay for the Extras

Many hotels will try and get you with the extras, this means they’ll try and add on a breakfast buffet, or specialist room service that will cost you more than it should. You don’t want to end up paying for this kind of stuff, as it could push up your costs for no good reason. Take the time therefore, to look at any extras you might have accidently booked alongside your holiday, that might be costing you a pretty penny.

Forget the Brand Name

Think a brand name hotel is going to be better? Many of the pros often find that a brand name hotel is no more special than the other hotels in the region. Consider looking at normal hotels, seeing if you can save, since if you opt to use a brand name hotel, that belongs to a chain, you’ll most likely end up paying more than you should be.

Join the Loyalty Scheme

If you must use a brand name hotel that belongs to a chain, the least you can do is sign up to their loyalty program. This is great if you’re going to be staying in your fair share of hotels in the coming months. You might have to ask about this, as some hotels don’t make it obvious that they offer loyalty schemes. Enquire at the desk the next time you find yourself in the hotel lobby.

Don’t Book Separate

The costs of your hotel could be bumped up if you’re looking to book it separately from your flight. If you’re looking to go on holiday, and know you’re going to need a hotel, think about booking a package holiday instead of booking everything separately. You’ll find that by doing so, you might be able to save in ways you had not thought were possible, thereby letting you have a bit of spare spending money.

Consider Alternatives

Of course, the best way to save when it comes to hotels is to not use one at all! Depending on your situation, you might be able to save by using alternative forms of accommodation, such as villas, or apartment rentals. Whether it’s villas in kefalonia or couch surfing in scandinavia, the alternatives could help you save.

I did it…I saved!

If you’re used to doing things the old way, you probably never knew saving on a hotel booking was possible. Though after reading this article, you’ll know more than most people do when it comes to saving. Whether it be joining a loyalty program or using alternatives, you’re sure to save on your next booking.

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