Where to Go This Summer That Will Not Break the Bank

Summer is here. Which means airfares are more expensive, popular beaches are packed, and your travel planning skills will be taken to the test.

Nuvali - Where to Go This Summer That Will Not Break the Bank

But who says you always have to stretch your budget? A summer getaway isn’t always expensive, you just need to be creative. We found some of those affordable summer destinations you can go to, or simple things you can do during the coming long weekends.

For a P1000 Budget:


Nuvali is located in Laguna, a scenic residential and business district built in one eco-city. With all the chaos in Manila, simply coming here and taking in the fresh air is one way to relax without having to spend so much.

Some activities you can do are Biking, Sightseeing, Picnic, Fish Feeding, and Wakeboarding.

One (1) hour of wakeboarding costs P250, and wakeboarding rental costs P350 an hour.

Two (2) hours of biking costs around P150 – P200.


If you just want to chill with your friends and loved ones, Tagaytay is one affordable place to make some summer moments. You can dine at a restaurant (try Bulalo or Mushroom Burger!) with an overlooking view of Taal Lake, go horse-riding, or visit People’s Park in the Sky to see a 360-degree view of Tagaytay. Whether you’re driving or commuting, enjoying the breathtaking view and scenes of Tagaytay can be done on the cheap.


Another place that brings a cool breeze, far from the busy city, and only takes about an hour from Manila, is Antipolo. Head to restaurants, cafes, or even book an AirBnB, and take in an overlooking view of Manila. It’s seen even better at night with the bustling city lights.

For a budget of P500 and below

Summer Sports Activities

Sign up for sports activities during the summer. And if you’re a parent, the most popular one you can send your kids to is the MILO Summer Sports Clinic.

Pool Party

Plan a day at your friend’s condo and take a dip in their swimming pool. Maybe you can even bring some food and drinks you can share with other friends for a small potluck swim party.


You don’t see a lot of people going on picnics anymore. It can be one good way to just enjoy nature and bond with your loved ones. You can plot a little picnic with your friends in time for the coming long weekends .

And for people who are lucky to be living near the coast, this means there are still public beaches you can swim and have a picnic in, without having to spend so much.

Wherever you are and no matter the budget, you will always find ways to be creative in spending a productive and meaningful summer. There’s still so many things to do and explore, and it doesn’t always have to involve spending a lot of money.

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