Why Fall Is The Best Time For A Camping Trip

Tis’ the season — no, not to be jolly, but rather it’s the season of sweaters, pumpkin spice flavored everything, and bonfires. And what’s more, these are the things that make fall the best time for a camping trip. During the summer, it can sometimes be too hot for a bonfire, but fall is perfect for making a giant campfire and roasting marshmallows, hot dogs, or any other snack of your choice.

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The cool fall weather also means that there will be fewer bugs in the air, which will make camping more enjoyable for everyone — especially those who just always end up getting thousands of bug bites. You can also leave the windows down when you’re driving to your campsite, which feels better than having to blast the air conditioner the entire drive.

The cool weather fall confers is also perfect for hiking. Physically demanding hikes that might be too exhaustive in the heat are much more bearable during the fall because you don’t have to soak your clothes in sweat to make it to the top. During the summer, you might want to spend your whole day swimming in a lake or river, but fall provides more time for hikes and other autumnal pursuits.

Hunting is another perk of camping in the fall. Most hunting seasons are in the fall and winter, so going on a camping trip allows the hunters of your travel group to go hunting. Even better, while some hunters might be confined to hunting in just one spot when they’re at home, if they’re camping on unfamiliar sites during the fall, they’ll also have the opportunity to go hunting on entirely new grounds.

Plus, fall is also an optimal time to fish. As the weather cools, the water temperature cools down as well, which often means there is more oxygen in the water and thus healthier, more active fish. With fish swimming around more often, fishermen have a better chance of finding them and catching them.

Fall is arguably the most beautiful season of the year, especially when it comes to nature. With all the leaves changing colors, it’s guaranteed you’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery during your camping trip. And although the sun does start setting a little bit earlier, the sunsets against the backdrop of the colors of fall can be even more amazing, especially when remotely viewed at a campsite. An earlier sunset also allows for great opportunities to stargaze, especially for younger campers who might not be able to stay up as late during the summer when it gets dark enough to see them.

Bonfires also mean that cooking while camping is more enjoyable. During the summer, cooking over a fire can sometimes be a sweaty and uncomfortable ordeal. But when you’re cooking during the fall, it’s cool enough so that you remain comfortable and can try out different options. Some of the best foods for cooking at a fall camping trip are potatoes (in foil), s’mores, and chilidogs.

Fall is also a great time to try different soups and stews, which you can cook easily over a fire. During the summer, it’s sometimes too hot to eat these warm foods, but during the fall they can warm you up and really hit the spot after a long day of camping outdoors. Soups and stews are also easy to make and can feed a lot of people. Just bring some meat, a few different types of vegetables of your choosing and don’t forget to bring your preferred stew spices!

Written by the staff at Quality RV in Missouri, where they are a full service RV dealer.

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