Why Prague is Great as a City of Romance

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and it is the 14th largest city of the European Union. It is described as one of the most romantic cities in Europe thanks to its fairytale architecture and beautiful scenery.

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The city boasts 3 great theatres, an amazing castle, beautiful old town, and more than 10 different museums. Whether you visit in spring when the blossoms are out, or when the entire city is covered with a layer of snow in winter, Prague is stunning whatever the season.

There are many reasons why Prague is considered to be a great city of romance, and below are 4 of those fantastic reasons.

Petřín is a hill in the center of Prague, which rises up 130 meters above the Vltava River, on the left hand side. Many parks dominate the hill and it offers stunning views of the beautiful old city of Prague.

There is a lookout tower that resembles the Eifel tower, which is a popular tourist destination on the hill. The scenic walks and beautiful views are a favourite of many couples and a true center of romance.

A view of the hill across the river

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Prague Castle
The fairytale castle located in the center of Prague is the largest castle in the world and a world heritage site. The origin of the castle dates right back to the 9th century and many tourists are enthralled by the interesting history. You can have a guided tour of the castle if you like.

The castle is open daily and you can witness the changing of the guard at 12pm every day. The gardens are simply breath taking and over the years many couples have got engaged at Prague Castle because of its sheer elegance and beauty.

The beautiful and historic Prague Castle

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Old Town Square
Located in the heart of Prague’s old town, the old town square is often overflowing with visitors. It boasts architecture from a variety of age periods including the Baroque St. Nicholas Church and the gothic Tyn Church.

The square often houses different markets and is an oasis of open space compared to the majority of Prague’s bustling, narrow streets. Surrounded by beauty on all sides it’s hard not to fall in love with the old city of Prague. It oozes romance from every angle and is an idyllic spot for couples.

Veletrzni Palace
The Veletrzni Palace is what Westerners might commonly refer to as a national art gallery and museum. It is something not to be missed while you’re in Prague. There are many permanent exhibitions, which include Picasso’ and Van Gogh’s work, and also visiting exhibitions that change on a regular basis.

The traditional romance of historic art and interesting museum exhibitions, whisks couples up to into a whirlwind of romance and a fairytale world. Enjoyed both by men and women, the Veletrzni Palace is a must visit for any couples holidaying in the romantic city of Prague.

Dripping with fairytale buildings, incredible art, and stunning scenery, Prague is the perfect city of romance. So if you’re looking for a romantic getaway why not book a trip to Prague? If you are looking to book plane tickets, book flights to Prague from cheapflights.co.uk

Article by Natalie Moody

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