Why should I get Insurance to go Scuba Diving?

Many times when we make the choice to go on vacation, we think that all we need to do is purchase the tickets and have a great time.  But that is not the case.  Nowadays people are seeing the benefits of buying travel insurance in addition to the normal health and life insurance that they may have.  Since some travel insurance doesn’t cover specific activities you may take part in on vacation, you need to make sure that if you are going scuba diving, you have some additional insurance to cover that activity.

Scuba Diving
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Problems that could happen while diving

  • Muscle cramps

◦   Muscle cramps are not a problem that will usually require any kind of medical attention, but they can create difficulty for the person scuba diving just as it would effect a swimmer.  It makes it almost impossible to swim or move your limb that is cramping, so it can be hard to get out of the water on your own, especially if you are already underwater.

  • Decompression Illness

◦   DCI is a problem that is most often seen in divers that dive in deeper areas of the ocean.  It can be caused by a number of different things, but one of the most common reasons is because the diver did not allow their body to adjust to the change in pressure underwater.

  • Bad Air

◦   These injuries are usually caused by faulty equipment, usually by some kind of toxin in the oxygen tank that you are using to breathe while underwater.  You can breathe in too much carbon dioxide, which we all know can be deadly.

  • Air Issues

◦   There are many serious issues that can come from air being lodged in areas that it should be not be, such as arteries.  This can cause embolisms and other medical problems that can be deadly if not properly treated.

Aspects of diving insurance I should look for

  • Hospital coverage

◦   Even if you have the best health insurance, if you are traveling outside of your country or the area where your health insurance covers you, you will likely be denied a hospital stay.  You want to make sure that if you are injured badly enough to need a hospital, you have the scuba diving insurance you need to be hospitalized.

  • Transportation

◦   Whether you are in need of ambulatory services from the site of your injury to the hospital or if you need air-lift transportation or bed travel back to your country, without insurance this can be a huge expensive.  Insurance should give you the coverage to have transportation, no matter what kind.

  • Damaged equipment

◦   Most policies will cover the equipment because it isn’t as expensive as the medical treatment and if you have an accident, it is highly possible that the equipment will be damaged.

  • Medical Coverage

◦   When scuba diving, you can have some more serious accidents that would require you being placed in a Hyperbaric Chamber, or you may need some kind of surgery.  You want to be sure that your plan covers all of the treatment you could possibly need.

Don’t let your vacation become a nightmare.  While it is likely that you will go on vacation and everything will be just as you had planned, you have to take into consideration what could happen if something did go wrong and adequately prepare yourself for that scenario.  By getting scuba diving insurance, you can take the plunge into the water and enjoy all it has to offer without worrying about having treatment if something should happen to you.

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