Why To Go For Tuna Fishing In Florida

Here is a complete article that will really enlighten you to the fact that why one should choose to fish tuna. Out of all those factors the one is that there are lots of people around who are in deep love with the tuna fishing thing. But this thing is also vastly true that there might be some really cool factors that had made people fall in love with it. If you sneak off to the Pacific and Atlantic ocean than you will be able to have over 50 different types of tuna. Tuna had also turned out to be one of the most important and commercial food of many countries. Here are some other facts about tuna that will really make you go crazy for it.

Tuna fishing

APPEARANCE: – Here we will be talking about three types of tuna. The first one skipjack, yellowfin and Bluefin. The skipjack tuna is one such kind that does not have any scale on its body except of the lateral line and the crosslet. They have a dark purplish black and the lower side of the belly is silver. The yellowfin tuna is metallic blue on the sides of the belly and the colour changing from yellow to silver as we proceed towards the belly. It is of a torpedo shape. Bluefin have a large torpedo shaped body in circular runs. The back of this fish is dark blue and it is white on the lower side of the belly.

SIZE: – Skipjack have the maximum size of 4.3 feet’s and weighs 41 pounds maximum, whereas yellow fin ranges from 400 pounds to 440 pounds. Bluefin can grow up to the size of 9.8 feet’s and the weight can be 1400 pounds.

REGIONS: – Skipjack tuna is found in the waters of tropical, subtropical and the waters with somewhat warmer temperatures. Yellowfin is commonly a tropical species and can also be found in subtropical ranges as well. Bluefin tuna is found in the Gulf of Mexico to Newfoundland.

LIFESPAN: – The lifespan of skipjack and the yellowfin tuna is almost the same. They both can live up to seven years. Whereas the Bluefin tuna have a bit longer lifespan.

FEED: – Skipjacks are opportunist. They never let go any opportunity that came their way but are totally foragers. They feed on fishes, cephalopods and molluscs. Yellowfins prey on the wide variety of fishes and invertebrates, including the floating algae as well. Sometimes they have also been seen feeding on red crabs also. Bluefin tuna is voracious carnivorous. They mainly feed on fish, squid and crustaceans.

PROGENY SEASON: – The spawning season of skipjack is in the early springs to fall and that of the yuellowfin is from May to August. The Bluefin tuna lays eggs from mid-April to June.

All about of tuna fishing.

Whenever we fist thinks about tuna, the thing that crawls into the mind is the canned food that one can get from some grocery store. As I have already told you that it had become one of the most commercially selling foods.

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