Why Visit Melbourne in 2015?

Melbourne is renowned as Australia’s cultural city, the most cosmopolitan of its metropolises, and the home of some of Australia’s most famous sporting grounds including the MCG and the Rod Laver Arena.

MCG and Rod Laver Arena - Why Visit Melbourne in 2015?
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If you’re holidaying in Australia, Melbourne should feature highly on your itinerary. Here are a few reasons why.

The city itself

In addition to individual attractions, the City of Melbourne is an attraction in itself. With a stunning CBD that shows off its British heritage to the beaches of St Kilda and the Yarra River flowing through the city, Melbourne is a spectacular city.

Its residents are more laid back than they are in Sydney, and many would say that they’re also a lot more cosmopolitan than they are in Brisbane. If you’ve spent time in other Australian cities you’ll notice something very different about Melbourne and its residents.

Sporting Events

Melbourne is home to some of Australia’s most iconic sporting grounds, especially the Melbourne Cricket Ground which will host the final of the ICC World Cup this year, along with the Rod Laver Arena which hosts the Australian Open.

There are sporting events of note throughout the year, with many visitors from overseas making the most of the opportunity to catch an Australian Rules football (Aussie Rules) match before joining an amazing, all-inclusive tour of the Outback or something similar – there are many great tours to join in Australia.

Pubs, dining and nightlife

Melbourne is home to the Palace, an iconic music venue that is currently under threat from developers who want to turn this remarkable venue in the Melbourne CBD into a block of apartments. St Kilda is also home to some amazing venues, not to mention great beaches and iconic Luna Park.

There are great pubs, dining and nightlife found throughout the city, but take into account what you want to see and where you want to dine out before booking accommodation so as to stay somewhere convenient.

The CBD is where some of the best restaurants are to be found, but look around as Melbourne has plenty to offer and you can easily get about on its tram network.


The Melbourne Visitor Centre is located on the corner of Swanston Street and Flinders Street, just opposite the iconic Flinders Street train station. There are volunteers here who know the city like the back of their hand and love to help visitors get the most out of their time in this remarkable city.

In addition to the visitor centre, you will find assistance at many tram stations in the CBD, so if you’re not sure of which tram to take or which direction to head in, look for a member of staff wearing a bright vest. They’re as happy to be of assistance as your tour guide on an exciting, all-inclusive Australian adventure tour.

Melbourne is Australia’s most cultural city. With a wealth of attractions in the city and surrounding areas, including the Great Ocean Road, it isn’t to be missed when holidaying ‘Down Under’.

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