Why You Need Car Insurance on Your Rental Car When Traveling

Renting a vehicle can be exciting for most initially. Having a new car to hit the road offers a sense of pleasure. It takes your mind off any repairs your own vehicle may need. You think a lot about what type of vehicle you want: a car versus an SUV or standard versus luxury. You go over all the upgrades such as satellite radio, GPS navigation, and push button starts.

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But do many of us think ahead before we get to the car rental agency and go over the options of what will happen if we are involved in an accident? Most don’t plan for that expense. Many people leave those options in the hands of their current automobile policy. As your own auto and home insurance policy may have options covering rentals, it’s important to call and verify the options with the company. Chances are there may be restrictions such as coverage’s varying state to state and only covering rentals when your car is being repaired. Here are important reasons you need car rental insurance on your rental.

Your Vehicle Breaks Down

We have enough problems with repairing our own vehicles; we should not pay any additional fees for a vehicle that we may never drive again. If you are given a rental and it breaks down, without insurance, you could be looking at a towing fee and repair bill on the road. You will need to discuss the options available with the rental company, but they should cover the cost of towing, at least to the next available rental location with proper insurance.

It Offers You Theft Protection

If your vehicle is stolen or vandalized, the general rental insurance will cover that cost to repair or replace it. It’s important to note, it will not cover your valuables inside the vehicle. The personal effects coverage is a good add on to cover your valuables. This is a great option for those constantly on the road or traveling for business.

To Cover Your Towing Expense, Impound and Other Administrative Fees

A loss damage waiver is a good rental insurance option. If there are damages to the vehicle or a loss, regardless who is at fault, be it an accident, vandalism, or an act of nature, the renter is fully responsible up to the value of the car at that time. This includes any towing, impound, or administrative fee’s associated with the loss.

You are Involved in an Accident

If you are involved in an accident, the collision damage waiver is also an important coverage to have on your rental. It’s not exactly insurance coverage, but in an accident, the liability will become the responsibility of the car rental company and not the renter.  This is void generally if the renter was driving illegally. You can also receive the personal accident insurance as it helps cover ambulance and medical bills for those in the car. Liability insurance is another protection to add. It provides you with a set dollar amount of protection if there is property damage or bodily injury claims made against you. This secures your personal assets.

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