Why You Should Consider Spending Valentine’s Day in Goa

Let’s face it, if you do not have something special planned for Valentine’s Day, you will spend the better part of the coming year trying to make up for it. For a truly unforgettable day, or possible weekend or week, plan a trip to Goa.

Dudhsagar Falls

This small state in India lies on the west coast; bordered by the Arabian Sea. It has many small, hidden beaches that are perfect for a romantic afternoon or evening picnic. While it is a good place for a family vacation, it is ideal for a couple’s romantic get-away.

Top Attributes of Goa

  1. Beaches – Hidden or not, Goa has a whole border of beaches. Romantic walks, an afternoon splashing and swimming or just lying in the sand and talking can be a nice way to spend Valentine’s Day.
  2. Night Life – After spending a day playing on the beach, dress up and go out for some partying. Goa has many nightclubs, with all kinds of music. An evening wrapped up together, dancing can be had either in a club or on the beach. Let romance be the guide for the night.
  3. Solitude – If you are looking for a more private place, try Cabo de Rama Beach. There are no shacks, no restaurants, but you can stay in a grass hut and just enjoy each other and nature. A small river runs along the southern portion of the beach, giving you even more places to find a secluded spot for two.
  4. Cruises – Take an overnight cruise. Enjoy a night on deck, a bottle of wine, starlight and perhaps some soft music you can dance to. Back in your stateroom, the soft rocking of the ship and the gentle sounds of the water will enhance the atmosphere and romance. If you do not want to spend the night, a short, dinner cruise might be just the right way to start off your evening.
  5. An Afternoon Shopping and Sight-seeing – Take one day and just visit all the historic places in the city. Goa was once occupied by the Portuguese and has a lot of incredible architecture. While walking the city, hand-in-hand, take advantage of the local shops and markets. Find a piece of jewelry or art that will represent this Valentine’s Day and your time together; it will become a family heirloom.
  6. Commune with Nature – If you really want to experience something different, go on one of the guided tours or camp-outs offered at the wildlife sanctuary. You are sure to see monkeys, lizards, elephants, leopards and other wildlife; but you have to be on the look-out, this is not a zoo, the animals will try to hide from you.

You do not need to find a remote tropical island for a romantic get-away this Valentine’s Day. Goa is a beautiful state, with an abundance of fun and stimulating activities for couples. It has a rich history and all kinds of nature related events. Make the day special, do something you have not done together yet. If nothing else, just enjoy going together.

About the Author: This guest post comes from freelance writer Victoria Heckstall. Whenever she takes a trip to Goa she stays at one of the holiday rentals in Goa because it enhances the experience.

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