Winter Blues: Best Holidays for Catching Some Rays This Season

Escape the winter weather by arranging for a vacation getaway this year, whether it is taking in the sun on a warm beach, walking through a lush rain forest, or snorkeling around clear reefs. The Caribbean and Central America offer visitors a prime opportunity to get away from the winter cold.

Puerto Rico

Beach Rental in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is an ideal tropical attraction for those who spend their winters in the cold, because of its temperate climate. The Caribbean island is easy to visit because visitors are not required to have an American passport, and the legal tender is the US dollar. The island offers lounging on sunny beaches, trekking through the verdant rain forests, or celebrating at the nightclubs.

Travelers will enjoy Puerto Rico’s wide ranging Caribbean cuisine, if a visitor is considering a trip outside of San Juan, the best plan is to rent a car. Vehicle rentals are accessible from Airflight Services, like Markham airport taxis and the bigger hotels.

Rain Forest in Costa Rica

Rain Forest Hike in Costa Rica
Costa Rica abounds in spectacular weather, sparkling water for diving, and an easy-going culture. Costa Rica’s dry season occurs in winter months, so it is the ideal time for its visitors to experience the pulsating rain forests, fresh beaches with white sands on the Atlantic and Pacific, and diversity of wildlife everywhere you look. Costa Rican teems with beach resorts, but adventurers seeking a quest in the wilderness can journey to lodge, hidden in the rain forest, where they can enjoy unwinding on the veranda viewing squirrel monkeys, sloths and toucans.

Snorkeling and Diving in Bonaire
Bonaire, the small island in the southern part of the Caribbean, has the reputation as one of the world’s most popular diving spots. The island’s western side is bordered by vibrant reefs abundant with eagle rays, butterfly fish, sea turtles, and parrot fish among many marine animals. Over 50 of its 86 officially recognized diving locations are accessible from the shore with yellow stones designating the sites. Bonaire has balmy, bright weather throughout the year.

Horse racing in Barbados

Barbados’ ties to Britain continue with its traditions of afternoon tea, and horse racing at Garrison Savannah. Travelers to the island can partake of rum cocktails while relaxing on the beach or visit the Soup Bowl to view the surfers saunter along the coast line at Bottom Bay or swim in the rock pools at Animal Flower Cave.

Caicos and Turks
These islands are renowned for white, sandy beaches, shinning waters, conch fritters, and a relaxed atmosphere. The islands provide an ideal escape for swimming and snorkeling. Some of the high lights are snorkeling at Bight Reef and the marine wildlife Smith Reef, and the lengthy beach at Grace Bay.

Tropical holidays with white sands, glittering water, or luxuriant rain forests offer a venture to evade the cold and ice. The Caribbean and Central American offer such an opportunity at every turn.

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