Worldwide Camping Guide

Camping has long been the passport to an affordable holiday in the great outdoors but in the current economic climate, the promise of cheap accommodation, excitement and freedom is giving open air holidays a new popularity.

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Gone are the days of drooping tents and campfires, baggy shorts, boy scouts and burnt sausages, camping has come of age as an exciting, economical way to holiday at home or abroad. Camping gives you the fun, freedom, flexibility and choice to make your holiday your own.

Whether backpacking solo around the world, experiencing local cuisine and getting to know the local people, or touring with a family in a campervan or motor-home, there are thousands of campsites all over the UK, Europe and the world to suit every pocket, taste and sense of adventure.

Offering accommodation for travellers and with tents to hire for campers, these sites are geared towards a holidaymaker`s needs. They provide essential facilities like electricity and water for visitors, as well as bathroom and kitchen areas and shops where campers can restock supplies.

Usually campsites also have the added bonus of being situated in some of the most natural, beautiful and unspoiled areas of the world whether it is forest, mountain, lake or ocean so campers can get close to nature and experience the joys of outdoor living.

Camping with an increasing rise in popularity, inspired by summer festival camping, has also become fashionable. Glamping is the new camping with glamour, fully accessorised. Glampers are offered the opportunity to holiday in unusual, romantic places from yurts to American Tepees to Gypsy caravans available for hire on campsites both in the UK and abroad.

If pockets are deep enough, you can still enjoy the thrill of outdoor living but with the indulgence of some of the most luxurious and spacious tents in the world. Featuring air-conditioning, handmade furniture, hardwood floors, a chef to cook and staff to serve every need, beautiful tented camps nestle in the wild beauties of Madagascar, Botswana, Chile and Africa offering a once in lifetime truly glamorous, holiday experience.

Camping is an excellent way to experience life in the rough, rugged and spectacular scenery of the world`s premiere beauty spots in a mobile home from home. You don`t have to travel the world to find unspoiled scenery and raw beauty though; Haven Berwick Holiday Park offers its own spectacular cliff top views of the rugged Northumberland coast with the added lure of history, haunted castles and intrigue to tempt the adventurous traveller who doesn`t want to travel too far.

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